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Thread: very painful groin area

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    DoubleK Guest

    Default very painful groin area

    i thought i'd post in this section as i am almost in my third trimester now!!

    i have a very veryy painful groin area, were my leg joints are, assuming this is just another pregnancy symptom....

    at first it used to come and go, but now it is a constant pain.. when i go to sit down, stand up, get out of the car, roll over in bed etc i feel as though i dont have control over moving my legs around, like its very stiff. wen im at home i feel the need to walk (or waddle as my partner calls it!) with my feet more than shoulder width apart, just so its not as painful (what a sight i must be!!)

    i have an appt with my OB next monday, so i will ask him about it.. but untill then.. any advice??

    Thanks girls!

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    bruky Guest


    Hi Rachy

    Sounds like you have what I have...its called SPD and means Symphasis Pubic Dysfunction??? Its cruel and I have had it since about 28 weeks then I noticed that it went for a little while...turns out my baby was breech so it seemed to not be as bad...then it came back with a vengence about 36 weeks and I still have it now...Its really bad after sitting, lying down etc.

    In laymans terms everything is loosening up down there...thats how I understand it anyways. There is a relaxin that releases during pregnancy to help get you ready??

    I have heard great things about belts that you can get from physio...your OB might be able to refer you to the physio dept to get one...I have heard others putting heat packs or cold packs on the area but didnt try that one myself.

    I have really sore hips too and sciatica pains in one leg in particular and use A Little Bit of Relief which the chemist told me was ok to use and did help it along.

    Of course I am no GP or OB so this might not be what I have either...good luck with it, it is horrid!!! but generally goes away after bub this your first baby (I didnt have it with #1 but with #2 and this one its been the worst).

    Oh some more advice is to try and keep your legs together when getting into bed or out of bed or out of the car does help.

    PS: sorry to have rambled on a bit

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    amulet Guest



    I got really bad groin pain with #1 a lot earlier on in the third trimester... I noticed it happened after a lot of walking, or a change in position e.g. from standing to lying down and vice versa. I didn't really know how to stop the pain though so had to put up with it.

    With this pregnancy, I do get it once in a while, but I have been sleeping on one side with a pillow between my legs and I find that the pain in my groin is minimal or non existent when I wake up in the morning. When I don't have a pillow between my legs, I wake up very sore. Maybe that will work for you too

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