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Thread: Volunteers for belly casting in Melbourne - FREE cast for you to keep

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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Lauren Sanders, I am Kelly Zanteys (Creator of BB) sister. As most of you might know, kelly has now her very own pregnancy centre located in Canterbury, Victoria. I have my own business - Forever Bumps Belly Casting, and will be working in the centre every friday and saturday.

    I am currently seeking volunteers in the third trimester to give up an hour of there time to allow me to do casts with new kits I have not used before to practise with. For those of you who do not know what it involves, there are a few options you can choose from.

    Casting can be done from the chest to hips, just stomach or stomach with hands. (im seeking full chest to hip volunteers). You will need to wear daggy pants or shorts, that you dont mind getting plaster on - just in case. You will be without a top and for those of you who are uncomfortable about nipples appearing in the plaster you can wear bandaids (round) - however nipples do give fantastic effect - each to there own personal opinion.
    You will be covered with vaseline so the plaster does not stick to hairs - This is very important. (coming from personal experience LOL).
    Then the plaster is applied - this takes 30mins and you will be left for approx another 30mins to dry.

    The centre does offers massages during this time, however they will not be available for this practise session. If you would like the works as you know you cant cope without movement for the 30mins drying time, the centre will be opening May 26th and you can book an appointment (costs will apply for casting and massage - saturdays only)

    It is very important you go to the loo before hand!

    Please be aware this cast will be kept for the centre to be placed on display.

    Of course I wouldn't make someone go through all this without offering a thank-you gift, and welcome you back for another sitting to do a cast for yourself. If you cannot come back and prefer to do the 2 in one go, im happy to do so, we do have kitchen and bathroom facilities for a break.

    These casting sessions are about 1 hour long including the drying time. I charge $150 per cast for a single pregnancy, $170 for multiples so a huge saving - you gets yours FREE!!!

    After your cast is done It takes 48 hours to dry then a coating is applied to keep the plaster strong and smooth, you have the option to take it home and paint it as you wish. The cast will stay in the centre until it is completed and ready for you to paint or keep as is - It is incredibly sensitive whilst wet and after an hour of the process - the last thing you want is to damage it. It will be safely boxed and wrapped when you come to pick it up.

    I had a plaster cast done myself at 35 weeks and it was fantastic, a beautiful way to remember your baby belly forever. Mine was painted blue - I had a boy - and I put his hands and feet prints when he was 6weeks old and a beautiful ribbon around it, so you can be as creative as you like.

    Once finished there are shower facilities in the centre to wash the plaster and vaseline off or there are towels to wash with if you wish to go straight home after.

    If you are interesting please email me at - [email protected] (business email address coming soon) OR reply post yes to this post and i'll contact you back. There is not an exact date as yet but I should know within the next week. - It will be before the launch date of the 26th.

    I can only take a few people so get in quick for this awesome opportunity to save $150 and remember your baby belly forever!!!!!
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