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Thread: Weight Loss in Late Pregnancy

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    Default Weight Loss in Late Pregnancy

    I've heard that it's common to lose a bit of weight in the week or so leading up to your baby being born. Has anyone experienced this?

    I just wonder cos in the last week I have lost 2kg. Where did it go from?? I mean I'm still the size as I have been :-k And does this mean that a certain little man is going to be arriving soon?

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    Maybe you've lost a bit of fluid through sweating from the heat. Just a thought.

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    Hi Sarah

    Don't panic!!My sister just gave birth 4 weeks ago and leading up to the birth she wasn't eating as much and lost weight.If you lose much more ring the doc, but your probably seeing the doc weekly by now anyway so just ask.I'm pretty sure its quite common and my sister also lost her appetite in the last month.Not sure where she lost it from either as she was still enormous!But don't worry cause it would be YOU losing the weight not the baby!

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