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Thread: What is considered High Blood Pressure during pregnancy?

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    Default What is considered High Blood Pressure during pregnancy?

    I went to my gyno on Monday and I have high blood pressure I am very confused about my appt so I am going to see my normal GP on Friday to get some answers. In one breathe my gyno was asking when I expected to finish work and in reply I answered 4 weeks and in reply he answered looks like it will be sooner. But then in the next breathe he says see you in 2 weeks, which are my normal appts, what tha????

    Anyway all pregnancy my blood pressure has been border line apparently at nearly consistently 130/80 or and one reading of 130/70 and last appt 2 weeks ago it was 120/70 which is pre-pregnancy for me. But then this appt it sky rocketed to 130/85. I have been told since that the number on the bottom is the one you have to watch out for and it appears this is the first time I have been 85. So I am guessing he is just concerned with the steep increase it could be on its way up, I just don't know????

    Hopefully the GP will ease my mind. When I rang her she said she would squeeze me in as she considered it to be high but asked if I was going back to my gyno in a week and when I said a fortnight she said no it has to be checked sooner then that. Anyway if I have to finish work earlier then so be it, but if I can try to control it myself with excercise and eating sensibly I will, cause if I finish 2 weeks earlier I will be stressing that I have to train the girl replacing me in 2 weeks rather then the 4 that we suspected....

    Does anyone have any information on blood pressure during pregnancy and how to control it if there is such a thing? I am 30 weeks pregnant and just want to know what is going on. I feel fine, have a few headaches of late and sinus pain in the top of the nose, could this be related???

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    Shereejoy - My blood pressure has bordered on and around 130/80 for most of the pregnancy though when it did go up to 145/90 (about 33 weeks) I was admitted for overnight bed rest and monitoring in hospital (as soon as I got in there it started to go down so I felt like a fraud!)

    My Doc says that it's ok until it reaches 140/90 then action has to be taken (which would usually be try bed resting first and see how that works) before medication.

    Best thing I have been told - is dont stress about it because it will put it up!


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