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Thread: what does thrush feel like?

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    frankie Guest

    Lightbulb what does thrush feel like?

    I cant seem to work out whether i have thrush or not. I have a swollen vagina and cram coloured discharge, and I'm slightly itchy but not enough to scratch. And the itch is more of an internal feeling .
    Is this thrush?

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    It can feel itchy and dry as well as having a discharge.

    Your bits will look dark reddy/purple and in the folds there will be a white "film" kind of stuck to the skin. Best go to the Drs to be sure as it should be treated with medical supervision while pregnant.
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    It sounds like thrush. Don't be surprised if your doctor tells you its completely normal and you'll just have to get on with it. That's what mine told me. I find that when I go without knickers and cut down on sugars and yeast it helps it clear up. Also a bit of vagisil or some other similar cream on the outside can help the itching if its getting too much.

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    I'd get it checked out too. Sounds like it to me. Yoghurt up there can help too.

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    RobynG Guest


    Thrush....its a shocker but sometimes you can have thrush and not feel any itching. Depending on how severe it is you may feel some itching on the inside and outside. I was told by my doc to treat it as normal when I was pregnant but be careful not to insert a pessary too far up inside.

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    Hey Frankie

    Thrush is not fun... I can usually tell if it is thrush as it burns like anything after intercourse, fells good at the time then after very uncomfortable, burning and itchy.

    Acidophilis yoghurt and inner health plus are good to help in that area. Actually putting the yoghurt up there is very soothing and the acidophilis stabilises things.

    Hope that helps. FIngers crossed for a quick recovery for you.

    Cheers Mecil

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    Thrush is more common in pregnancy.... article on BB here: Thrush in Pregnancy
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