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Thread: what is my body doing??

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    Question what is my body doing??

    hey girls

    i was just wondering if anyone knows wat is happening to me the past few nights iv been feeling really sick and been have some belly pain last night i it was that bad i thought i was in labor it only last for 2 hours i ended up throwing up and still felt **** afterwards for about an hour also today i havent felt hungry only ate for bubz but i still have an upset belly also when i was feekin this way last night i got the sivers as well it was really bad like i was more cold then i really felt is this my body tellin me im going into labour soon or do i just have a bug im 37 weeks pregnant today an iv also got feelin this baby will come early anyway just wish i new wats was going on
    sorry if this dosent make sence my brain dosent work proply at the moment
    can anyone help

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    Locking double thread...
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