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Thread: What Next!?!??!

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    Unhappy What Next!?!??!

    Oh boy, I feel like almost anything that can go wrong has gone wrong during my pregnancy...I feel like such a whinger and a sook...haha! I've gone through bladder infections, thrush, 'roids, major bad back, sleep deprevation etc and now I've just been told I have blood in my urine and a non pregnancy related problem of a 'polyp' growing in my throat!!! Not to mention that my job has just been made redundant! Yikes! What else is going to happen? I've been to the doctors so many times that it's just not funny any more... I've cried so much in the last couple of weeks that I am sure my baby must be wondering what's going on out here...

    Anyway, I just thought it might make me feel better if I hear of any other girls out there who have also been through what seems to be almost everything possible during pregnancy... Please tell me I'm not the only one (I know I'm not, surely!) to feel forever sick or have a problem...

    I'm just over it all and wish he would arrive sooner rather than later...still 8 or 9 weeks to go yet though! Yikes!

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    Fraser Guest


    You poor thing - I feel like everything that can go wrong has happened to me also, but I guess the only consolation is that it has been relativley minor things that have gone wrong for you - it could be way worse (do you feel like hitting me now?)

    Ok so being made redundant isn't that minor - but hey at least you will get a pay out!

    Everyone says the last trimester goes fast - and as much as I wanted to scream everytims someone said that to me - they're right - it does go a fair bit quicker!

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    Hi Sherie

    I can sympathise with you - everytime I go to the doctor I have another UTI - even though I am drinking loads of water, cranberry juice and doing all the other things that you are supposed to do to avoid getting a UTI. I have been in hospital twice, had food poisoning, flu, etc, etc and now just plain grumpy & emotional . Anyway, all I can say is not long to go and I am loving shopping for the baby!!!

    Take care & look after yourself.

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    Thanks girls! I am feeling better today... Yesterday I found out that my lump in my throat could be cancerous and it was/is quite scary... I have to wait till next week to find out what it is and what can be done about it. I'm scared sh**less!!!

    I know the other things are all fairly minor (except the job thing) but when they all add up it really does start to get frustrating and it definitely plays on my emotions (which are already tested enough...haha!).

    Sorry for sounding like a sook, I just needed to vent to someone... I have around 60 days to go...I can't wait for our little guy to arrive!

    PS Yeah shopping for the baby is so much fun Laurin! We've already bought so much stuff...woops!

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    I hope all goes well with your throat, that must be very scary.
    Just reading your post reminded me of my rollercoaster pregnancy. For me my back got so bad that I couldn't walk. I had to go to the chiro 3 times a week and continued going weekly for the last tri. Apart from that they told me my baby had cysts on her brain, then they said at 33 weeks that she'd shrunk! Then they said she was breech. so i had alot of worry during the pregnancy...waiting days and weeks on end for double checking etc!!
    But it's all over now and I can laugh. Except for the fact I got roids AFTER birth , as in 2 monhts after...not happy jan xox

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    Oh Sherie, that's scary about your throat. Did they take a biopsy or something? It's so frustrating having to wait so long for results like this. Will be thinking of you.

    As far as bub goes, there's not long to go at all now. Will you be finishing work soon so that you'll have plenty of time to relax before he arrives?
    Goodness, I have a bad back at the best of times so who knows what it's going to be like once I'm pregnant??

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    Thanks is scary but I'm trying to think positive and I am hoping for the best outcome (ie just an infection that can be treated by antibiotics)...

    Megan - good to 'see' you again! Nope, I have to go see the ENT Specialist on Tuesday, there's only one in Wagga...will have to wait to see what he has to say & what tests (if any?) he'll do. I'm not sure when I'll be finishing work depends on this restructure stuff...I'd love to finish up this week though if I could! Oh yeah the bad back thing is HORRID! I never expected a bad back to be so painful, I even have trouble sitting on the couch... I hope yours won't get worse when you get preggers!

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