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Thread: What to take to hospital for a newborn??

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    Default What to take to hospital for a newborn??


    Now that that third trimester has arrived - Woo Hoo, Mum, MIL and others want me to pack my bags!! I kind of know what I need to take for myself but what I want to organise is a starter pack for Bean.

    I want to use our own clothes, and the hospital will supply all nappies etc, but how many outfits will we need to take?? Hats, Booties, Singlets, Body Suits etc. I have a mix already, but we need to have a few 000, I have been given one 0000, but we will only run out and get some more if Bean is small!

    What have you packed, in the past or have you packed now?

    Any suggestions will be really helpful, thanks muchly

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    MITTENS!!! Bubs tend to have longish fingernails when born & also very cold hands. I had to get Aaron to run out & buy some for Zander but am organised this time. Otherwise I'd suggest 2x singlets, 2x suits for each day you are there in case of spews or nappy incidents. Hats can be worn for a few days easily so I'd only take one, bub probably won't need to wear it at the hospital though, only on the way home. Booties again can be worn a few times so one or two pairs should be enough. Also if you want to, take 2x wraps for each day or you can use the hospital ones.

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    if you go and check out the articles - there are some great ones in the birth section ( - they should give you an idea of what to take.

    Good luck with the birth!

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    The best thing i took to hospital was bum cream for bubba! DS so got bad nappy rash and had to sign of it prior.. With this bubba i would put it on right after bubba is born to prevent it.. He has blisters on his bum and all blood... it was awful.

    The best thing i took for me, was I went to the body shop bought lots of litle size body wash, nice hair stuff, nice body spray, cream etc. I feel a million bucks!!!

    Good luck!

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