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Thread: whats the deal with all the pimples

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    alex c Guest

    Default whats the deal with all the pimples

    hi all,well a quick question when i just feel pregnant i started getting pimples on the sides of my back but now im 31 weeks pregnant and they have seemed to multiply on my back and on my arms they are itchy to any suggestions???????it has also spread on my tummy.....

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    hormones would be my geuss...grrrrr bloody hormones :smt021

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    I agree with Dachlostar, I would say it is hormones. If you are really worried about them, maybe see your dr and ask them?!

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    Yes sorry to say it's hormones

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    i've gotten acne bad on my chest and back throughtout this pregnancy. for the last two weeks it has gotten even worse, and my neck and face are now also covered with spots. all we can do is hope they disappear after bubs is born.

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    alex c Guest


    had my hospital check up today and they are guessing it may be hormonal but they have also requested a blood test to check my liver and/or salt biles????? 8-[

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    Cee_Cee99 Guest


    Just popped into this thread for the first time to see what is in stall for me - and could not help replying .... I have noticed little pimples on my upper arms and on "one" (not both?) sides of my neck - I'm doing the following which seems to help....

    use a loofer to scrub off / exfoliate dead skin
    use teatree oil (diluted) on a cotton sponge and wipe over infected area
    I do this every day....

    it has improved about 80% in the last week since I have been doing this... I would not normally bother but I'm getting married in four weeks so do not want bumpy arms!

    I hope this helps you too

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