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Thread: When did your baby engage?

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    Question When did your baby engage?

    Hi everyone, this question is mainly for first babies... When did they engage? I am nearly 37 weeks and my baby's head is still on the side. I think they called it 'cephalic oblique'. Any words of widsom would be great!

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    DD1 engaged from 33 weeks.

    You still have time for bub to engage. DD2 never engaged until established labour started.

    Good luck

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    DD didn't engage til a couple of days before labour started.
    It might help your bubs to get into a good position if you straddle your chair, or kneel with your knees as wide apart as possible leaning forward over a lounge chair, or beanbag or fitball, while you're watching telly or on BB It keeps your pelvis nice and open, and if you lean forward, it encourages baby to turn their back to your front. I was advised to do this each day during the week before DD was born and also while in early labour.
    All the best - not long to go now!

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    DD engaged at approx 35 weeks, settled in and didn't budge until labour. She did do a couple of head spins though.

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    Mine hadn't engaged at my last appointment at 38 weeks (I'm 39 + 5 today). He's been posterior (ROP) for some time now and seems to like it that way. But today I started getting those lovely shooting pains in the top of the cervix that is supposed to be a sign of engaging or of softening/ripening of the cervix.

    I guess I'll find out at my appt tomorrow whether he has actually engaged or otherwise looks like making his way into the world soon. But sometimes first babies don't engage until labour, although apparently this is more common with second babies.

    Good luck Shell Belle!

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    Thanks guys, not stressing yet! will try your tips and let you know if they work for me!

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