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Thread: Where have all my organs gone?

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    Smile Where have all my organs gone?

    I know, this is a strange question, but i would really like to know where all the organs have been squished to. I am 38 weeks and don't know how any are fitting in there with the bubs!! I have done a search on the net but wasn't very successful ... Please help

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    lol, yes its interesting isn't!.

    Have you looked at a drawing or sketch of a pregnant woman, showing her insides?. I know in my pregnancy book there are some real good pics. From what i recall, basically the organs are either squished to the back of our spines, and our intestines are pressed up to our ribcage. And when it comes to our bladder, well you knows bubs is probably sitting on it or pressing on it, when you feel like you gotta run to the loo or youll pee!lol

    Or the 'real' truth is that bubs is busy playing with our organs and rearranging them as if they were blokes! Like ill put a liver here, and an intestine there. A bit like interior decorating!lol. But the experts dont want you to know that!lol so shhhhhhhhh lol

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    I love the blocks idea

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    does that mean that our bladder is our bubba's first experience on a jumpy castle or what... I like the image of bub's being creative with our insides, hee,hee,hee!!!!

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    Does any one know a webpage that can show me an outline on the body?? sometimes i hear my tummy grumbling at my back, sometimes it is on the left and others the right LOL... I think you are right butterfly, he must be moving it around to suit himself LOL!

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