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Thread: who's getting nervous??

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    Default who's getting nervous??

    i think it has only just started to really sink in that in about seven weeks time i will have another little human being to look after and be responsible for! it is making me a little nervous (and excited) - not because i don't think i can handle it, but because it has always seemed so far away until now. it is like it just kind of crept up on me. i cann't help wondering how much and in what ways this will change my life.

    so who else here is just starting to feel that this is becoming real?

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    kerry Guest


    Oh me too, me too... I am not nervous about the birth but I am so scared I wont be a good mum and that I might damage the baby in some way and let it grow up all twisted and warped inside. I worry that everything I do will be wrong... Oh its just so scary. Your not alone at all Misty.

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    *sticks hand up* Pick me...I'm getting really nervous, mostly about the birth. As long as I have a healthy bub I will be very relieved!

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    angel_eyes Guest


    I've been fine all the way through but just yesterday I was getting a little nervous.

    Not so much about the birth, but more if something were to go wrong or if I had to have a caeser.

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    jcm73 Guest


    I'm not nervous, I'm angry and BORED if you can believe it.
    I have been at home now for over 2 weeks due to high blood pressure. My OB told me that if it didn't come down he would deliver me (that was at 35 weeks). I'm now 37 weeks 2 days and after many BP checks in the last fortnight with it going up and down each time, he tells me he won't deliver it before our planned c/s date. I'm really disappointed about this because he goes on holidays tomorrow, and only my high BP was going to mean that HE delivered the baby instead of a fill in.

    So, angry because I really wanted my OB to deliver the baby, and bored because I feel like I'm wasting my time here doing nothing when I could have a beautiful baby to look after.


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    heljam Guest


    I'm not so nervous about the birth, maybe because I don't know what to expect (1st baby). I am more nervous about caring for a newborn. I don't even feel comfortable holding a baby!! The say it is different when it's your own though.

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    jelliebean Guest


    I'm very very very nervous.......As this is my third I am more nervous and scared than I was with my last two......

    Mainly coz I know what to expect and after having my last with no pain relief........I'm sure I'm gonna be a complete mess and will just crack and not be strong enough to cope with the labour......

    Once he's out I have no worries at all, am actually looking forward to that part.....

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    Akeesha Guest


    I am not so much nervous as I am anxious. This is my second and it's been a long time between drinks. 5 years in fact and I wonder what life will be like with a baby again. In some ways I can picture the whole thing beautifully and in others I cannot envision this baby at all in our lives.

    I have been very excited about this baby since day one..or even before then but now it is only a matter of days away I am well and truly thinking..hold crap...this is my reality.

    I am a little nervous about the birth. My first ended up an induction then 6 hours of labour then c/s. I have put alot of effort in to having an attempt at a natural birth so I guess the fact that the labour/birth process is very close now it's all becoming real and hitting me in the face. I really hope this time round labour kicks in on it's own and goes well so I can deliver the way I dreamed.

    Also, I am OVER IT!! lol. I really thought from day one I would go early. Dont know why..just a feeling. But most of my friends have said the same thing. I guess thats another reality thing too. I hope I dont go over and I want my baby out so we can start our lives as a family of 4!!

    Anyway as usual I have gone on lol..

    Hope everyones nerves/worries/anxieties go away and things go as you would like.

    Best of luck to all

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    Me too!!!! when i actually looked at it , we will move in about a month or so (sold our house) and will have maybe 2 weeks before bubs arrives to get settled. Plus today is my 2nd last day of work, my last is on saturday so that is also giving me the nudge over the edge making me realise it is closer than i could have imagined it ever being, seeing as though it felt like it took forever to get bubs in there now all of a sudden he is ready to come out!

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    I'm not really nervous more excited and anxious at the same time.

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    I am starting to get nervous & am not even in the 3rd tri yet!!!!!

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