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Thread: why am i so scared!

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    Default why am i so scared!

    hey guys,as the days get closer 2 the BIG day im worrying myself sick,im getting anxiety and im so tense its not normal.Me and hubbie started classes almost 4 weeks ago and i thought that would help me abit but instead im scared...please has anyone got any advise for 35 weeks pregnant and what i should be feeling is excited and happy about the big day instead im a stress head...

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    I think the only exciting thing about the big day is meeting bubs! The rest I agree is darn scary! There's just so many unknowns, and everyone makes a point of telling you that you don't know how your labour will go until you're there. I think it's natural to be scared. I'm just trying to gather up as much information as I can, so that I can understand what's going on during my labour. I think I'd be terrified if I didn't understand what the midwives or OB was telling me, or offering me. It's definitely going to be a scary yet exciting time. You'll probably surprise yourself how well you'll cope tho. Women are giving birth every day.. we're designed to do it. I tell myself if everyone else can manage it.. surely I can!

    Good luck with everything!

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    this is baby #4 for me, and I sometimes get tearful and worried about the big day. I think this is normal and this idea that we are all earth mothers who face birth without thoughts of fear is a bit of a myth.

    But that's not to say that you won't handle it when the time comes, and so will I. It's okay to doubt your capacity to handle the pain, and to fear what's unknown, but you will be okay.


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    I was soooo scared teh first time. i went to my Ob, GP, and psychologist, I was so scared!!! I asked all for advice, and for me the thing that settled my mind was that they all said go for the epidural!! Now of course that's not for everyone, but it was teh fact that I talked through my fear and came up with something to relax me. you might find another idea that relaxs you. THis time the thing that stopped me being SO scared, was researching pain relief and opting to try the TENs machine. I was open for anything after that that happened, but knew at least I was doing something that would hopefully help me through labour. I think doing research on what you can do during labour and importantly being open to what may happen during labour, and knowing that you can't control it, so you sort of let go.
    Another thing that helped me during labour was repeating in my mind that I was ok, and that the pain would pass. I talked myself through the whole labour (in my mind) and that was really good. particularly knowing and telling myself that soo many women went through labour every day, and it would pass!!
    Very best of luck xo

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    I have a fear of labour, I think that the worst bit for me is listening to every ones stories.... But i know there is nothing i can do about it and as Meg said -they have very good drugs these days.....

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    Has anyone else noticed that before you conceive everyone tells you how beautiful being pg is and how wonderful the whole experience is. and then once you're pregnant all you hear are the horror labour stories and how terrible everyone felt at different stages?? Might be a little off topic but I think this helps contribute to our fear.

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