thread: Why the strep B swab?

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    Why the strep B swab?

    I was just wondering why some people have this swab done? Is it something that everyone is meant to have done at some particular stage in the pregnancy?

    Mainly wondering as I have not had it done and nobody has mentioned it to me either, should I be getting back to the doctors in the next few days?

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    Mar 2005

    OK I might be a bit blonde here but for you or the baby?

    And if for you then I've never heard of it and with so little time for you to go, what would be the point if it's to protect you during-does that make any sense? #-o

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    Strep B testing goes in and out of fashion with Obs, mainly because you might get tested and get the all clear, but that doesn't mean you still wont get it after the test. So every now and again there is a resurgance of it and people get tested, then it fades away. All Obs are different in regards to that.

    There are ways your Ob / midwife will be able to tell if you have strep b problems at birth (e.g. high temp etc) so they will give you an IV drip (antibiotics) if that is the case.

    I never had it tested with my two and were fine and my Ob never bothers testing.
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    kirsty Guest

    I was tested for Strep B with my first pregnancy, mainly I think it was because my waters had already broken & they were going to let me go as long as possible to be better for our baby (I actually ended up going for another week with continual liquor leak before the decision to deliver bubs was made) . As it turns out I had it & if I had of birthed naturally they would have had the treatments all ready for me & bubs after birth ~ as it was he was born by emergency c-section so it wasn't necessary

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    I had this done at about 32 weeks but was negative.

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    I think I tested positive, and had antibiotics with my drip as well...

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    Both my obs tested for this. When my waters broke with my first pregnancy, they weren't able to access the Strep B test result as my ob was on holiday. I was kept in hospital overnight rather than sent home because they didn't have this result. I ended up being administered antibiotics anyway because it was over 24hrs between membrane rupture and baby delivery. Later found out I didn't have strep b anyway.

    With my second baby, THANKFULLY my ob had taken a strep b test early (he was planning to do another strep b test closer to the "due date" also) as I then had my baby at 27 weeks and it was important for the ob to know this result. Me and the baby both needed antibiotics.

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    I was tested & it was negative. But then after Zander was born I had to have antibiotics cos I had a high temp - not sure if it was strep B though.

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    Hi - someone in the November thread was asking about this - so I asked my doctor today and he said the same as Kelly said, but the other way around, you might test positive for it when the test (at 36 weeks) but not have it when the baby is born, but they still treat you like you do have it.


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    From what I can gather at my antenatal classes, they test when you go in to give birth.

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    There is also another older thread about this...
    (it was even started by me, now that I search for it lol)

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    froofy Guest

    I had it done a week before giving birth because I'd gone in for a false alarm (wasn't sure if my waters had broken - they hadn't) That's when they found out I had it. About a week later, I gave birth, and during the labour I was given antibiotics, in tablet form, one of which I threw up.

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    Thank- you all for your info, sounds like this is something that I dont need to worry about at the moment and that they should be able to pick up on me having a problem when it comes time for business.

    Thanks again to you all for helping me not stress about it anymore.

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    I was tested for Strep B at 28 weeks into my pregnancy, it was negative

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    I'm due to have it next week (@ 37 weeks). I didn't know that not everyone gets it done though. I'm not that big on testing if it's not necessary. Perhaps I'll ask some more questions first.

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    Mar 2005
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    Ive had it come up in just a normal pap smear, and been treated for it (it was a major colony type problem, from being on lots of antibiotics). That sounds pretty routine to me, that they test for it even non pregnant. It is a bacteria that can cause problems (say it gets into babies eyes as they go through the birth canal).. so I'd hope theyre at least testing for it afterbirth so it can be treated.

    ETA: I think the main problem with the testing is that you can test positive, then 2 weeks later be clear.. so early testing doesnt really help. (My dr explained it that way, when I asked).

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    I had a strep b infection in my second pregnancy and it may have had something to do with my pre-term labour at 32 weeks. However, I wasn't told I would need treatment during labour. When I went in to labour at 40 weeks, it happened quite quickly, we needed an ambulance and were in the delivery room 10 minutes before he was born. Then they came to me and said that my baby had been exposed to the bacteria and needed an injection immediately.

    So they took him away and gave him a needle and didn't mention it again. I had no idea what could have happened if he had been infected.

    I really don't remember being tested during this pregnancy.

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