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Thread: Will I feel it when bubs head engages?

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    Default Will I feel it when bubs head engages?

    I had a check up yesterday and doc said my baby's head was down but still mobile, so not yet engaged. So I'm just wondering if I will feel it once it's head does 'lock in' and engage?

    What should I expect once bubs does engage? Less movement? Pelvic pain? Thanks

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    I don't think I ever did.

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    I felt some pubic pain, and with last pg I could feel DD's head right down - it was like pressure right down low inside my pelvis, and I could feel it when she moved her head. That was in the last two weeks or so.

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    I never felt it with my DD.

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    With #2 i didn't but with #1 i felt it. i was walking around the shops and suddenly felt like the baby was about to fall out. I just had this huge amount of pressure down there and it felt like i had a bowling ball stuck between my legs. I also had a lot of pelvic pain for the rest of the pregnancy too. #2 i did notice i was 'waddling' more when the midwife said bub had engaged but that was about it. Can't remember if i had any pain then.
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    I didn't feel it engage as such, but once she dropped I did have some shooting pain in my groin and some numbness down my leg - that was in the couple of days before she was born.

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    I never noticed a thing with my kids. No pelvic pain or anything - I'd been peeing constantly since I got the bfp so I didn't notice any change in that department either

    My hubby noticed it though - especially with DD he was telling me for a good week that I'd dropped and a few people at work noticed it as well but I didn't take any notice because I couldn't feel anything different.

    Some women will have all sorts of pelvic aches and pains though - hips, pubic bone, tail bone etc. Sometimes you might notice you can breathe a bit better as your lungs get a bit more room too.

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    Bubs has been engaged for the last couple of weeks and i've been getting sharp, stabbing pains in my pubic area - it can be quite uncomfortable.

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