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Thread: Woo! I actually made it!

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    Default Woo! I actually made it!

    Wow, can't believe i'm in 3rd trimester already! Having a toddler to run around after makes it seem to fly by. I'm not organised at all, all i've bought is clothes He doesn't even have a name yet coz i keep changing it!! I swear i'll go into labour and have nothing ready. But i also have to organise our wedding which is in 7 weeks :eek:

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    Woohoo Tegan - So very happy that you are finally in the 3rd trimester. I'm sure it will fly by even faster with organising your wedding as well.

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    Congrats Tegan for getting to the third tri. Not much longer to go and with palnning your wedding the rest of it should fly by too

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