thread: worried- waters breaking/electric blanket

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    worried- waters breaking/electric blanket

    Just out of curiosity, anyone that has an electric blanket on their bed if you are like me you leave it on your bed and only turn it on in the winter...
    OK my concern is- what if your waters break all over the bedding, say the electric blanket is off- i take it its fine but the blanket might be damaged.

    Or do you take it off all together to prevent any damage>?????


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    I have been thinking about this too!

    When I was pg with Olivia, here in the NT, it was so not an issue as it is so bloody hot the electric blanket was nowhere to be seen.

    But this time round we are having a July baby and will be living in Adelaide and I know my DH will be desparate for the "leccy blankie".

    But I am bit terrified of electrocting both of us, so I may "forget" to put the electric blanket on the bed and dig out the hot-water bottles instead.......

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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
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    My waters (both hind 2 dyas earlier & Fore) broke when rolling over in bed & my blanket was on bed, not on as it was November but still connected & on at power point, but nothing happened... So I guess it should be Ok...? Hadn't thought about it!???

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    i think it would be fine because there are no exposed wires or mechanism's like say if your waters broke on top of a running hairdryer (although i have no idea how this could happen, unless you were blowdrying the short and curly's!)

    plus the liquid would sorta soak into the blanket and not go near the power point or anything like that. i dont think i would worry bout it too much, although i have heard that electric blankets are not great for PG women because they increase the body temp too much.