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Thread: xray vs pain killers for toothache

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    Default xray vs pain killers for toothache

    i saw my OB today, and i asked him whether i am able to have a stronger pain killer for my toothache than panadol...

    (i posted up a lil while ago about needing to have a tooth pulled out, the dentist have said they willnot give me an xray while pg and to come back after i've had the baby.. unless i want a root canal, which i dont and couldnt afford anyways)

    and he sais panadol.. panadeine.. panadeine forte.. and a few others are all fine to have (regular panadol was just not helping) but he also said to me, that if he had to choose between me having panadeine forte for the next 9 weeks or have an xray to get the tooth pulled out, he'd rather the xray!! but if the dentist wont do it.. pain killers it is!

    grrr, this has got me frustrated now! knowing i really could havethe tooth pulled! instead of relying on pain killers!

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    Go and find another find another dentist!

    I used to be a Dental Nurse and we would pull teeth of pg women. Local anaesthetics are fine during pg. If the tooth is that bad, it will get infected, which will mean a course of antibiotics for you. Did your dentist forget to mention that effective root canal therapy also requires an X-ray along the way? (to see if all the root has been removed). If he is your regular dentist, then he should already have some X-rays and should be able tell the root position from that (if that is what he wanted to x-ray for).

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