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Thread: Yeast rash (sorry if tmi...)

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    Default Yeast rash (sorry if tmi...)


    I'm 35 weeks, and i think i might have developed a yeast rash in my groin region... I think its due to the heat and the increase in discharge being this far pregnant... Its like red bumps that are kinda spread out over a raised red area (i've had chafing there for a while, but this has just seem to come up in the last few days)

    I'm not sure if it is a thrush type rash, as i don't have any other symptoms of thrush (i've only had thrush once before from taking antibiotics, but i had the normal thrush syptoms that time)... And i have bad eczma everywhere, so i am normally itchy there, and i haven't noticed it getting more itchy, just sore and irritated...

    How do i know if this is what i have? can i just try to use any topical anti-fungal cream in that area? Do i need to see a Gp or Obs?


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    I'd say see a GP, you might need a prescription only ointment that is not only antifungal, but also anti inflamitory. I got something similar due to being overweight. I found it helped to dry that area with a hair dryer after having a shower to ensure it was as dry as possible in the first place before applying any creams.


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