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Thread: Yeastie Beastie??!?

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    Default Yeastie Beastie??!?

    Anyone had one while pregnant and did you treat it with over the counter Monistat / Canestan??

    I have had intermittent spotting throughout pregnancy and of course 3 weeks no spotting and finally I was able to have sex and we did 2 days ago. Then yesterday I treated self for a yeast infection and now tonight I am spotting a little but no other symptoms.

    Sigh so frustrating since I know if I go in to hospital they will tell me the same thing they always do, the baby is fine, cervix is fine, and that it is unexplainable.

    Anyway just wanted to vent as I am frustrated!!

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    I've been lucky and haven't had any thrush but was just going to suggest some priobiotics and yoghurt in your diet too - won't obviously guarantee you don't get thrush but might help reduce symptoms or occurences. You poor thing, it's so frustrating. Hope this improves for you.

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    I had yeast infections in the 2nd & 3rd trimester of my last 2 pregnancies. For me, it was from taking Keflex. Yes, I used an OTC thingie to get rid of them. The cream you can get for external itching was actually more helpful to me because the external stuff seemed to linger (sorry if TMI).
    I never had spotting that late, though. But it does seem to me that some women get a very tender cervix late in pg and ANYTHING that's introduced can then provoke spotting.
    I know it's frustrating...but if the spotting continues I do think it would be a good idea to run into hospital & have it checked. My PPROM at 33 weeks happened shortly after treating self for a yeast infection. Probably unrelated but who knows??

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    Yeastie beastie is evil! I hope it goes away for you. I had it a few weeks ago (i would have been about 33 wks or so). I could feel it starting so I straight away went out to get some Caneston. It got rid of it very quickly. I checked with the pharamcist if it was ok to use and she said it is, but she said to not use the applicator with the cream. I didnt get any spotting though so not sure about that.

    I used to get it lots, a couple of years ago (I was getting it like every 2 months) and my GP would tell me to use that probiotic stuff too... he actually said to soak a tampon in it and insert it! I never did that though. Bit strange for me, but maybe it works?

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