thread: A Yukky one but I need to ask

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    A Yukky one but I need to ask

    TMI warning...

    I had a 'bowel movement' last night and couldnt help but notice that some of it was a very dark colour, like I've never seen before. I wonder if this is just another symptom of pregnancy or could it be a sign of fetal distress, considering I am 39 weeks pregnant? Cant find much info anywhere.



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    :-k not really sure about that one... one thing I do know is that they say that the baby does push on the bowels during pre labour & labour which is why most women have diahroea (sp?) during that time... so don't know about colours though sorry...

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    Do you think it may have something to do with what you have eaten?? Also it could have to do with your iron levels. Not 100% on that one though. I wouldn't stress about it too much. If it was fetal distress it would be baby poo coming out of your other bits not your bum If your really worried ring and ask your midwife, it has to be less embarressing on the phone than in person.

    Take care

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    ok, well from experience with me its been from too much iron,
    i go through it alot, i think they overdosed me with iron from when i almost had to have a blood transfusion just afetr josh was born as my levels were way too low and i think im still using that source..

    if your concerend though id go see your doctor

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    I'm with Lesley, taking iron supplements can make your BM's black or dark green!!!! :shock:
    I hope it's nothing more than a bit of an iron overload.