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    Jan 2004

    Book list Prices..

    We got the book list for DD to start grade 1 next year, and I'm wondering what everyone else pays? Especially those in Qld.

    I didn't realise that grade 1's needed text books, but then it's been awhile since I was in grade 1.

    Total cost for books and supplies for next year = $139.80 :shock:
    On top of this we need to add little things like a pencil case, 2 boxes of tissues, "official school library bag", old shirt for art and " any items to be used at home need to be purchased separate from the school list"

    One good thing is the school has just started a layby system for the books, so that helps a lot, would be good if they started it a tiny bit earlier. But, at least we have been given the opportunity!


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Nic - this may be different from other schools (and it probably varies from state to state) but our booklist at our school covered quite a number of things for the children in grades 1 and 2.
    Things like:
    * writing books and scrap books for the entire year (they go through A LOT of them - lots of curriculum to cover!).
    * paper for arts and craft and project etc.
    * pencils and pens (coloured and led pencils - the led pencils tend to go missing easily, get chewed, stood on, used as projectiles... etc. ).
    * glue sticks, clag etc.
    * text books - some schools use a maths text book for each child.
    * scissors (and they ain't cheap if you want good ones!)
    * erasers

    There's stacks more and I can't think of it all off the top of my head. Anyway... almost $140 sounds like a lot but, keep in mind, it's for the entire year. Kids go through an aweful lot of paper, pencils etc. throughout the year (I had no clue just how quickly until I had my own class and we ran out of led pencils at the end of the year 8-[ ).
    So, take heart, the money is put to really good use! The teachers will stretch it as far as it will possibly go!

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    Aug 2003
    Karingal, Vic

    I hate getting the booklists! I only have Joshua's so far for next year but dug out last years one's when I saw your post.
    For 2005 school year
    Grade 2 - $97.85
    Grade 5 - $129.75
    Year 7 (SEAL Year8) - $476.95
    Year 9 - $369.65

    In case you're wondering all of my boys go to state schools 8-[

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    Jul 2005

    My ds goes to a Queensland state school and our book list was only $73 so we are doing pretty well price wise it seems. This includes, pencils, rubbers, glue, exercise books and only two text books, one for writing and one for maths.

    We do get billed separately later in the year for religion and art supplies. So it probably does work out the same in the end.

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    Jan 2004

    Thanks guys... I think it was a bit of a shock when we first worked out how much it was, not only for me, but the other mums as well.
    Growing up, you don't really have an idea of your schooling costs, so when it's time for your child to start school, it probably seems a lot worse than it is hey!


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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Nic - now we all know what our parents used to complain about, LOL!
    Looks like we'll have to start putting away some money just to get Gabby through Primary School let alone High School and Uni!