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    Default Brighton Grammar VIC

    Just wondering if anyone has any opinions or reviews on this school. Seems to have an excellent reputation but I am not originally from Melbourne and have begun the arduous task of school selection for our son. Help please!

    I used to have a different username but I couldnt remember what email it was registered to so I was AKA Baby Bliss!

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    Brighton Grammar does have a really good reputation. It is well worth going along to the open day/nights and seeing if they offer what your child needs!

    We have noticed that some of the schools seem to have a bit of a reputation for not wanting kids that are slightly behind in certain areas, brings the averages down, its happening more and more lately, so this is something to possibly ask about.

    Hope you get the answers that you need

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    I have a number of friends who went there, some in their 40s, some in their 30s, and some in their 20s. They're all relatively "normal" IYKWIM and say good things about the school.

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    I finished school here last year.

    It's a good school in terms of education. But if you want your boy to have fun, send him somewhere else.

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