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Thread: Calamvale Community College (South Brisbane)

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    Question Calamvale Community College (South Brisbane)

    Hi just wondering if any of you Brissy mums or even teachers have kids at or know someone with kids at Calamvale Community College.
    From the outside looking in, and as a mother of 5 with 3 to be at school soon, it looks perfect, With its P to 12 campuses linked, one drop off point for the kids (prep, gr 5 and grade 7) It has lower, middle and senior schooling system. Good sporting, academic ratio. This is all I know. Is it too good to be true or is it really as good as I'm being told.
    All imput good and bad please.
    Thanks Dee

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    Hi Dee,
    My Kiddies are at Saint Bernardines just down the road, I have heard some good things about the school and all seems pretty good from what you can see from the road, I think pretty much most schools are great as long as you have a littlie that wants to learn....

    But from the buzz at our school it has a good rap.

    All the best with your schooling decisions, I know from my little ones its one of the hardest decisions you have to make and with uniforms etc... a dear one too!


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    Dee, I know a girl from dancing class who teachers at Calamvale Community College. She didn't have fantastic things to say about the middle school & higher (they've had a few problems with kids creating their own little 'gangs with the Aussies Vs the Kiwis...go figure!); but says the lower school is pretty good. I believe they teach in mixed age classes called 'pods'. Could find out more information if you like.

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