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Thread: Can we choose when our children start school?

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    My husband was 18 in year 12, and he was doing his VCE at a college which only catered for yr 11 and 12 students. He said alot of them had drinks on the weekend, but they didnt drink alot. The only time he went out and drank alot was schoolies. Mind you, this is going back 8 years, the students of today seem to be getting more out of hand every year, judging by the footage of schoolies on tv each november...

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    Nahhhhh kids were the same then as they are now... Just depended on the kids. I know there were some groups that were heavy drinkers (and other substance abuse) and some weren't. But strangely I think it was the younger kids (well it was at our school) who were more for it (maybe because they wanted to rebel, or because it was something they weren't supposed to do).


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    Xander will start kinder in 2008, when he is 4.5 year old. i feel that he will be ready. If he was born 1 day earlier, he would be going next year. This annoys me sometimes, as my nephew is 2 months younger than Xander, and although he is bigger, he is just a bully, and his social skills leave alot to be desired. Whereas Xander is a happy, social child, who i feel would thrive in that sort of environment. HE does really well in day care and playgroup. I wanted to get someone from the edu dpt to come see Xander, but they wont send anyone out. He can count to about 40, write his name, read some books... whereas my nephew cant do any of that. I feel xander will just feel like he is being held back for the sake of some children who arent ready. There should be testing for each and every child, to determine when they are ready.

    And im not meaning to start a debate or anything, this has just been on my mind for a while. thanks

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    Legally across australia your child must be enrolled at a school by the time they reach the age of 6 years. There is such a huge difference in education across Australia and with our transient population it is time that we had a national education system. We are working towards one ... a national entry age ... but it is time that no matter where you go to school you are doing the same as kids the same age anywhere in Australia and I don't mean what they are learning. There is also a move to rename pre school programs so that they are all the same ... so Prep, Reception, Pre Primary, Pre-School will be replaced with one common name! Will certainly mae talking to parents in other state a lot easier ... when you say your child is in Pre-School then everyone knows what you mean!!!

    When I moved to Perth, I expected Emma to be in Pre-Primary having just turned 5 in the December (she had just finished Kindy in Adelaide before we moved) when I went to enrol her I was told that she would be in Year 1 as she would be 6 that year!!! Well as it turned out it was great for her ... she loved school and picked up reading so well. She is still doing well at school (Year 7 next year ... last year of PS) apart for the hormone driven whinging!!!

    Jack turned four 12 days after the new cut off so had to wait 12 months before starting Kindy ... I was so upset about it but it has worked out well for him. He is a much better student now because of it but he is the oldest in his class and so much bigger than the other kids and he has friends who turned 7 just days before he was 8!!! I also worry because he will turn 18 half way through Year 12 ... but I am hoping that we have brought him up well enough that he will control his drinking so that it doesn't affect his school work ... he is mad on Football so fingers crossed he will be in season anyway and not be able to drink LOL!!

    Asha will be starting Kindy in 2008. She will be 4 on the 18th June that year and she is more than ready for it now!!! I have no concerns for her starting school ... she has been in child care since she was 4 months old and has gradually increased her days so that she is now attending full time while I am at work. She is a social child who rules the roost at day care LOL ... the other kids love her to pieces and apparently when she is not there some of the other kids are a bit lost!!! I know she will be just fine ...

    It really should be up to parents when their children start school and technically it is up to a point. You do NOT have to send your child to any form of educational facility until they are turning 6!!! So if school cut off is June and your child will be 6 before then next year then they will have to start school but if they are not then you can keep them home for another year. I hope that makes sense!


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    Below is a report from Julie Bishop / Education Australia website:

    National approach to early childhood education
    18 September 2006

    The Minister for Education, Science and Training, the Hon Julie Bishop MP today welcomed calls from the Federal Labor Party for a national approach to the issue of early childhood education.

    “The Coalition Government has taken a leadership position on this issue through the Council of Australian Governments’ National Reform Agenda under the Human Capital Stream. I strongly urge State and Territory Labor Governments to put the welfare of young Australians ahead of parochial political agendas,” Minister Bishop said.

    “State and Territory Education Ministers missed a golden opportunity in early July when they rejected the recommendations of a report into the benefits of a nationally-consistent optional Common School Starting Age.

    “This has been a topic of debate and discussion since 1989, and it was disappointing that State and Territory Governments again avoided making a final decision.”

    Minister Bishop agreed with the recent OECD report finding that Australia needed a “clearer vision” for the provision of early childhood education.

    “It is unacceptable in country with Australia’s relatively small population to have a fractured and inconsistent system that can change dramatically between States.”

    Minister Bishop released a report on 4 September titled, Pathways to a Profession: Education and training in early childhood education and care, which investigated career development for people working in the early childhood education and care sector across Australia.

    “The Federal Government is also providing leadership on this issue however State Governments have primary responsibility for regulating and managing pre-school and childcare delivery throughout Australia,” Minister Bishop said.

    “This report from the OECD is a wake-up call to State Governments about the need for them to invest in the critical area of early childhood education.”

    The fact that Australia does not have a common school starting age really bothers me! It creates problems for children that move interstate. Why hasn't the government considered the impact that has on childrens education and lives?

    It seems ridiculous that the federal goverment cannot use their power and their funding to research the best appropriate age and educational program for our children.

    My fear is that the indidvidual states set their 'school starting age' based on their own agendas and NOT on the best interests of the children. Could it be that they base choose the age based on the available funding or available class rooms?

    My daughter will be 6.5 years old before she attends school. Children are sponges in the early years. Could it be that our children are missing out on educational opportunities based on poorly made decisions by the states?

    Despite what age we agree on ... research and decisions need to be made. Why is it that Julie Bishop doesn't have the power to insist on this. She is after all the Educational Minister of Australia...
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