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    Jen Schuster Guest

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    Hi all

    Has anyone ever thought of/ or are doing home schooling?
    We are going to look into this and was just wondering if anyone knew where I could get some information



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    Hey Jen,

    Our Expert Swami Guruprem homeschooled all her children - check out her website at [url][/url]. Not 100% if it has homeschooling information though.
    Kelly xx

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    Jen Schuster Guest


    Thanks for the link Kel

    Will go check it out :-)

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    HipBubbyMama Guest


    I know a few homeschoolers, or those intending to. If you like I can send you some links I see you are in Melbourne- I also know of IRL homeschoolng groups etc if you are interested in that sort of thing...

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    Mum 2 Three Guest


    Hi Jen,

    I was home schooled - Primary Correspondence School/School of the Air because I lived on a cattle property in North West Queensland - nearest school 70 miles away! I always reckoned that I would never subject my children to that because it is so isolating (in my case extreme). My social skills were a bit undeveloped when I was finally shoved into the mainstream system (when I was sent to boarding school for secondary education). I had a bit of a hard time fitting in.

    Anyway, good luck with your ultimate decison. Just wanted to put my own 2c worth in aboout it!

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    Are there any homeschoolers about? Marc's cousins were home schooled, its very much a fulltime job!


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    Custardtart Guest


    There's a real network of homeschoolers in Melbourne, I have a close friend who homeschools. Contact the education dept of the government to get the information on requirements, as I'm sure it differs a little from state to state.


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    mooshie Guest


    this is a bit off subject but when i was induced with lani there was a lady sharing my room who was being induced with number 6 and she home schooled all her children - she told me alot about it and i was amazed at how common it really was.

    these children aged 10 down where the most brilliantly behaved children - as the hospital was full we had to share a room for the first day or so before being in our own room and i had lani on wednesday night and she went down to labour ward thursday morning she came back up to the ward thursday evening about 9is and i was kind of dreading having her whole family in the room (i was knackered lol) she told the kids to sit outside and wait for there father and to be quiet - i never heard a peep - i really admire this woman she was wonderful.

    just thought i would post this as i remember at the time thinking how dedicated she was.

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