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Thread: How important is it to start now

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    Default How important is it to start now

    I was thinking about how friends talk about what school their kids will be going to & it got me thinking. Is this something I should be thinking about by now?? Reason I ask if its so important to know where you will send them is we rent. There is a good chance we wont be in this area in 2008 when Evan starts school, gee there is every possiblity we will be in another state!

    So is it as important as some make out to have it set in stone by now what school you send your kids too?

    Also, when looking at what school to choose, what sort of things do you look for?

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    Fiona, I get myself in a pickle about this too........and it is years off for me.

    On the one hand I want the children to have a very stable schooling environment, so want to start making choices now, but on the other, like you, have no real idea on where we will be.......v.frustrating!!

    IF we stay in our current area (which I really hope we do) my choices will be based around, in no particular order:

    School Zone issues for High School ie which primary feeds into which High School
    Public non-denominational
    Safety (ie practical stuff like car parks/busy roads etc)
    The "philosophy" of the I am not so much bothered by accademic brilliance but I want ot see a real committment to individual development/personality/independance/community involvement etc

    My list is endless to be honest, and I think it is because I was SO SO lucky in my education, that I was so happy at school (both primary and secondary) that I want the same for the children..........but you are right, I am not sure when to start stressing!!

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    If moving around is someting you can't control then it would be impossible to have things sorted out too soon in advance. Maybe when/if you do move keep an eye on what schools are in the area before you settle on a place.

    I always said Cait would go to our most local primary school (there are about 20 in the surrounding suburbs) but only looked into it this year (she goes next year). I like it because it's on the small side, 280 kids this year, I liked the teachers and principle, we can walk there, they have good reporting system.

    Ring a school and organise a tour of one so you can have something to compare others against. You should also have 'feel' about a school, whether it 'clicks' with you or not. Although I found this hard, being at home with Cait for five years, it took a long time to realise that someone else can care for her and teach her as well as I have done for this long !

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