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Thread: Ingleside Primary School - Tallebudgera Valley, Gold Coast

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    Default Ingleside Primary School - Tallebudgera Valley, Gold Coast

    hi there everyone,
    Just wondering if anyone has been/going to/or knows anyone who's child has been to Ingleside State Primary School in the Tallebuderga Valley. It is on the Tallebuderga Creek Road.

    I plan to send my son there as it is a small, community school which would suit him I hope.

    Any thoughts at all or experiences are appreciated.

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    bump !

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    sharon469 Guest


    Hi There,
    I would like to ask the same question as I am thinking of sending my child there also.
    Did you get any response?

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    hi Sharon !!!
    no, no response from anyone, which I suppose is no big suprise as it a very small school.

    ARe you thinking of your child to start prep year at Ingleside in 2009? that would be nice to know someone else!!

    I rang the front office lady today - very nice and helpful.

    Do you like in the Tallebudgera Valley or close by?

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    canuck Guest

    Default Ingleside State School

    Hi Runnermum and Sharon,

    Like you, I am also interested in Ingleside State School - Gold Coast. I'm sure you have found the Website at Welcome Index Most of the pages are basically blank, but the 2006 report stated that there were 3 mixed-age classes, 65 students total, from P-7.

    We're from Canada and have been living in Toowoomba for the past 10 months. We have decided to move to the Gold Coast area. While in Toowoomba, we enrolled our children in a small country school with 2 mixed-age classes. The children loved it and my husband and I were very pleased with the teaching and learning. The best features were the beautiful setting, community connection, small student-teacher ratios, and the interaction between the older and younger children. I think this would probably be the advantage of Ingleside as well. There were two challenges. The teachers had to be diligent to ensure that the Prep program followed the Early Childhood principles in mixed-age classes. The second was that it was a little challenging for our children socially, especially at first because the other children had grown up together in the small community.

    I'd love to know the ages of the children that you're thinking of enrolling at the school for 2009. I realise that you're probably talking prep do the nature of this site. We have a daughter going into Year Six, and a son going into Year Four in 2009.

    Looking forward to hearing more about the school and your plans.

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    Hi CanuK !!

    well, would you belive it, my husband is Canadian! He has been living here in Australia now for about 13 years and loves it. we have been back regularly and lived in Vancouver for 6 months as well.

    I have the same ideas as you on small, country style schools, and the same concerns as well. I have called the school and found them very friendly and requested a recent handbook - their number is 07 55338138. I believe at this stage their are 2 teachers, one male, Mr Roberts and the principle, Robyn sutton -which i have both met briefly..very nice.

    I also believe there is an orientation day about early October.

    My child will start Prep in 2009....

    I hope this helps and please report back any more info that you find out!!

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    Nel Guest

    Red face Ingleside State School

    Hi CanuK,Runnermum, and Sharon469,
    We've been at Ingleside for about 4 years now. I love it there, the kids love being there.. They get to do so much that they wouldn't be able to at a bigger school. At the moment there are about 45 kids. They're looking at getting chickens for the kids to raise, they have an organic garden that the children tend (and eat all the produce), a regenerating rainforest that's 20+ years old and doing well with rare and endangered species. They are involved in community events and interact with other small schools in the area. They don't miss out socially, they play interschool sports in yrs 5,6 &7. There are whole school excursions to seaworld/australia zoo and the planetarium, science museum...

    We have been to schools in Ireland and big school in Brisbane and on the coast and Ingleside suits us nicely. While it's small the kids come from Burleigh, and Nerang, Elanora and all over the place. There's no bullying, every child is heard and supported. What more can you ask? They certainly hold their own educationally when compared to the state averages. It's as montessori as you can get in main stream education.
    I have 2 boys at the school, one in yr4 and the other in yr6. I have also had other children go through the school and they have benefited from their time at Ingleside.

    I'd be happy to show you around if you'd like. Give the school a call and let me know. Orientation Day is tomorrrow...
    Kindest Regards,

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    Nel Guest


    Hi all,
    Just for a little further information, Ingleside State School is going to be offering after school care next year, probably at the start of first term. Their phone number is 55338138, the address is 893 Tallebudgera Creek Rd, Tallebudgera Valley. It's about 12 minutes drive from Burleigh/Elanora with no traffic jams to sit in. It's a beautiful little school, go out, have a look.

    Hope that helps,

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    Default Ingleside

    Hi there, we're thinking of sending our son to Ingleside next year, as we're planning to move to the Gold Coast Hinterland. He's currently eligible for Prep but we're home educating him this year, so he'll be entering Year 1. I've spoken to the Principal (who seems lovely) & have arranged a visit but would be really interested to hear from anyone who has recent experience of the school. We've moved to Australia from the UK &, as our family/friends are so far away, are looking for somewhere with a strong sense of community, which welcomes newcomers.

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    Nov 2009


    Hi There

    Just wondering if anyone ended up sending their chid to this school? Can you offer any feedback? I am looking for a school for my twin girls starting prep next year and would like a smaller school Ingleside sounds good
    Let me know

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