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Thread: Major problems - Help!!!

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    Default Major problems - Help!!!

    My middle DD is in Grade 5 this year. She has had some few problems with concentration and writing, but seems to be coping okay, well, so I thought!

    I have been paying almost $60 a week for her to see an occupational therapist for one session a week for the past 2.5 years, just to help her along!

    Last year she got the best end of year report ever and was doing soooo well, it amazed us all!

    WELL..this afternoon I go to speak to her teacher about her being bullied, harrassed and intimidated by other students, he has promised to sort it out, BUT he then goes on to tell me that DD is very immature, her writing is about 3 yrs behind where it should be, her reading is up to standard BUT in virtually every other aspect she is so far behind that its not funny!

    HUH??? Why has it taken this long for someone to tell me this? He is a brand new teacher to the school and since they are only in their 3rd week back and almost 2 of those he was only there part days due to the swimming program, how can he tell me what is happening with my child? How can he know what she is like?

    So now I am wondering if I have wasted all this $$ on OT for it to be doing nothing, especially as she is on her 3rd different OT and this one is sending me the notes home on her session and she is about where she was 18 months ago.

    Do I cancel OT and have her reassessed elsewhere? Do I pull her out and drop her back a grade or 2 at another school? I just dont know!

    DD is really clever, is a huge manipulator, and can work well most of the time, especially if pushed a little. Hates writing, but will do it, I know that she has a few problems, but I am feeling like everything I have done for almost 3 yrs is a total waste and I will need to start again!

    I am hoping that someone can offer some advice as to what I can try, do, or do I speak to the teacher again and ask him if he thinks that I should put OT on hold for a while?

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    What a dilemma Dinky.

    Well, maybe Tayla's new teacher can spot these issues because he is new and is looking on the problem with fresh eyes? I know that some kids who are very bright will deliberately not work in order to avoid bullying for being the 'nerd' or 'brain'. You say she is a great manipulator so she may be 'playing dumb' to avoid being singled out for bullying to the detriment of her grades.

    I think pulling her out of school and dropping her down a grade may be a bit drastic at this stage. Talk to her OT, maybe they are glossing over things for you. Or have her reassessed again with a new OT? Does her school have remedial programs? Maybe a 3-way interview with Tayla's teacher, yourself and Tayla might help sort out any issues she is having.

    I hope you find a solution soon.

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    Dinky, I wiash I had a magic wand....

    I am also thinking a new teacher has new eyes to see the situation...
    Maybe the other teachers just let her go & do her own things or knew what she was like already & so just let her manage at her own way/pace... Not necessarily bad or good I guess!

    I am not sure what you should do...

    Perhaps discuss with the new teacher what can/should be done in order to get her motivated or to reach the std the rest odf the class is at? Perhaps you can expalin the situation youre in & that the other teachers had never mentioned what he has & so your wondering what to do now...

    He may have some answers as to why the other teachers had let her go, or he may be able to suggest extar activities to assist her!

    I'm really not sure..... Good Luck!!

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