thread: My sons teacher is mean !!!!!

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    Angry My sons teacher is mean !!!!!

    My DS#1 is nine years old - grade 4. He has a male teacher.

    Today he has come home from school in tears because he was sharing his writers work with the teacher and the four others in his writing group - the teacher said " i am disgusted, get out of my sight ".

    Well - i could cry !!

    How dare he. He has no right to speak to a student like that - especially my son !
    Tomorrow i am going to see the Principal to have a discussion. I feel very uncomfortable having my son in that class now - what will he say next ? I am not going to ask for him to be moved but i want it known that i am not happy !
    The teacher he had last year was awesome and spent all year building up his confidence and working on his writing. She would be mortified - like me ! Rang DH and he isnt happy either.

    I am dumbfounded !
    Thanks for reading - needed to get that off my chest so now i can hopefully approach this in a calm manner. I know i will just sit in the Principals office and cry.

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    OMG thats absolutely disgusting. I don't blame you for being angry one little bit. YES go to the principal. No child should be spoken to like that! BY ANYONE! EVER!

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    OMG, no teacher should speak to a student like this, that's just awful
    Teachers should be very constructive with their criticism, one remark like this will ruin a child's confidence for a long long time!
    You are definitely right in speaking to the principal, big hugs to your son, that's just wrong!

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    Good on you for going to see the principal. You shouldn't have to put up with rubbish like that from your son's teacher. Kids are so much at the mercy of their teachers when they are at school and I think some teachers take advantage of that.

    I am a teacher and I am petrified of sending my kids to school because of some of the appalling things I have seen go on in classrooms. Some teachers are outright bullies.

    Good luck with the principal tomorrow. I hope it goes well and your son finds his way to a classroom with a brilliant and supportive teacher. They do exist - there are lots of them

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    What a terrible thing to say, what right does he have? I hope it goes well with the principal and the teacher gets a warning or some sort of discipline for such terrible behaviour.

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    Yes, i knew i would feel better posting here - you lovely girls help heaps !

    I will be very interested to see just how bad this writing actually is. No matter how bad it is the toss pot has no right to say what he said !! GRRRR !!

    I am desperately hoping that DS#1's confidence hasnt taken a huge knock because we have come so far in the last 12 months.

    Fingers crossed !

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    Kick some butt! That is not ok by any means. Hope your DS is ok. GL with the principal.

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    How did everything go with your son and the school?

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    Oh that makes me sick. I wouldn't stand for it either.

    Ever heard of a website called rate my teacher

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    MMM what ended up coming of it? Did you get to read what he wrote?
    Just playing devils advocate for a second, I wonder if the phrase "disgusted" stemmed more from "gross" than "apalled" and was simply a poor choice of wording. Just a thought. I guess I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
    Having said that I too would have storrmed down there demanding answers, NO ONE speaks like that to my children especially in front of peers.
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    Ohhh thats terrible, your poor son, thats a knock to his self esteem. I'd be ropeable if a teacher spoke to my child that way! How did it go?

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    Well, the next day DH and i went to see the AST#3 ( vice principal ). She is Fabulous so i knew all would be OK.
    Told her what happened and lost the plot - couldnt stop crying.
    She was furious.
    That arvo she rang me and told me that she and the principal had met with him and he admitted saying it. He has been given a very clear warning that it is never to happen again and that he now has to work very hard at re building the relationship with my DS. He has also been told that i am to let the principal know if there seems to be any backlash from this - as in he seems to be picking on DS. They are currently working with him due to his bad choices of wording and trying to keep him in line. Felt much better when i had got it off my chest.
    This all came from the fact that my DS was trying to recover from a vomitting bug and had fallen behind in his work. He got frustrated cause DS hadnt finished it. He was disgusted that he had been given extra time.
    That arvo - DS comes home and i told him what had happened. He said that the teacher had nearly made him shadow at lunchtime (follow teacher as punishment) then teacher had to do something else so it was cancelled !!!! Apparently he and a couple of others spoke when they werent meant to.
    Then the next day (Thursday ) DS comes out of school and says that he was green carded !!!!!! Apparently the teacher had put a total noise ban on the class. So class was working away and my DS spoke - to himself ! He always thinks out loud when doing his work. So cause he was green carded - he got kicked out of the classroom and had to sit in the class next door. I am furious !! Public shaming !
    I believe that he is picking on DS. He wants to have a meeting with us and i said not till after Easter so i could calm down. Now that he has Green carded my DS i am not calm and when we have the meeting i will certainly be telling him a few home truths. He has made my blood boil. Sat in the car and cried, so tempted to go to the staff room and yell at him !!
    The Principal is yet to hear from me about the green card. She is the one that told me the day before that DS is no trouble, always compliant, a lovely well mannered boy. So why this ?? My DS WAS loving school - now he is very unhappy and so are his parents ! So it looks like we managed to get to Grade 4 without a hiccup and now we are making up for it !!
    Anyway, thats the latest - will update after the meeting.
    If you made it through my rant then
    Thanks for your support !

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    You've got to be kidding!! Terrible! OMG I hope you can sort it out. That teacher is a bully!

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    to you and your DS. So good to hear that the school is being supportive of you - the vice principal and principal sound great!

    I really hope that your DS enjoys his school holidays and this is sorted out very quickly in the new term for his sake.

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    Well, i went to see the vice principal today and she was most unimpressed with the green card incident before Easter.
    I said i feel like DS is being picked on - she agreed that his teacher doesnt seem to be making the effort to rebuild the relationship with DS as he was warned he needs to do.
    She also agreed that the green carding was over the top and blanket threats arent good. What is appropriate for one child isnt necessarily right for another and the punishment needs to fit the crime !
    Yes, DS did speak when the whole class had been warned not to - but he spoke to himself. He reads out loud so he can understand things better.
    Anyway - next week we are having a meeting and the two principals will be there to mediate (otherwise i will kill him!)
    Should be interesting - i just want it sorted so DS can be happy about school again cause at the moment its not much fun.
    Will keep you posted !

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    Oct 2008

    At least the DP might keep an eye on things while your DS is at school and make sure the teacher isn't bullying him. GL with your meeting next week - I hope the outcome is great.