thread: private boys school?

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    private boys school?

    Which schools are the best, i wanted to send my son starting in prep?

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    Apr 2004
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    Hi - lots of the top end private schools have programs for pre prep and pre kinda, I think you can start them at about three years old.

    The melbourne parent mag - its a free one, you can get it at your health center or some playgroups and librabies have them, they come out monthly, do a special edition in August (i think) on private schools. Other states have this mag - Sydney parent ... etc, sounds something like that.

    I've been to a coupla functions at Marcellan boys school in Melb and used to joke that if I had a son and lots of money I'd send him there ! I don't know anything about it other than that it has great grounds !


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    Oct 2004

    Where abouts are you located, mumofbabyboy?

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    Mar 2004

    hi mumofbabyboy, there is an article on the main site that you might find usefull called choosing a school for your child.
    I think that deciding which school is the best depends in part on your son's pesonality and abilities. If he loves sport then a school with a great sporting program might be better but if he's really interested in science then a school that provides great science facilities and emphasises academic achievement might be more suitable. Most schools have open days so take full advantage of them and maybe in a couple of years you can take your son along and see if he has any preferances.
    Don't forget to put his name down asap because often places can be taken pretty quickly. I have Yasin's name down at a couple of schools so that we have options when the time comes but I'm still open to the idea of government schools because I don't want him to be too sheltered and I think that primary school is a good place to learn a bit about diversity and tolerance.

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    Jul 2005
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    I agree with Dachlostar: there is no perfect school, only schools that are right for your child's skills and personality. Our daughter started at a private girl's Early Learning Centre then progressed up into the school. She is a very active, high-spirited girl who excells in sport. Unfortunately her school didn't really have a good sport's program/facilities and the staff kept leaving. The school however had an excellent reputation and ability in supporting children in the arts, especially music. A lot of celebrity musicians sent their daughters there. Well... with one thing and another plus our preference to move to a suburb across Melbourne... we enrolled her at another private girl's school which has fantastic sports facilities and staff. The girls at this school are more outgoing like our daughter too and she just fits in so much better. We moved her in grade 4 which was okay as there were no waiting lists for that particular year. I know it must be hard to try to anticipate a very young child's interests/personality but perhaps you might consider at least 2 or 3 schools in your area that might be appropriate.