thread: Requirements of Kids to start school

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    Jun 2005
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    Requirements of Kids to start school

    Just wondering if anyone knows where I can find a list of requirements of kids (4-6 year olds) for school readyness.


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    mooshie Guest

    hi pocket rocket

    do they go to kinder? if they do maybe ask their kinder/preschool teacher. we just had our kinder parent interviews and she advised me on a couple of things that will help ds be ready for school next year (ie speech therapy)

    sorry i don't know where you could find a list as such but am sure you will get some answers here

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    Oct 2004

    Probably stuff like that their immmunisations are done, and they are a certain age, for example they turn 5 before a certain date...
    There might be a list on the website of the department of education or something?

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    Mar 2005

    I know there was something like this on the Victorian education website. A search should bring it up.

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    mooshie Guest

    hi pocketrocket

    just thought i would post a little thing i got from the kinder teacher re: your child being "ready" for school it says the following:

    there is no "test" to determine whether a child is ready for school. all children are different. listed are some of the "things" that would assist children in having an "easy" transition into school

    - manage own belongings (including clothing, bag, lunch box)
    - manage own personal hygiene (toileting/washing hands)
    - be able to sit at a table
    - hold a pencil/texta and scissors correctly
    - recognise/write their own name in lower case not capitals.
    - be able to work/play co-operatively with others.
    - know the difference between their 'play lunch' and 'lunch'
    - throw and catch a ball.

    of course these are just a few of the many things your child can/cannot do. it is just a guide to ease the anxiety you may have about your child starting school.

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    Hope you find something useful. I have taught Preps and I guess many parents worry whether their child is ready, but if you are worried about them being academically ready ie knowing stuff like letters oand sounds etc, then there isn't actually a standard. Some kids come to school already knowing their letters, numbers, and they can count and write etc, but lots don't, my 2 who have started school, knew their names and how to write them, basic no.skills and anything else they knew cos they were interested. Don't feel like you have to teach your kids everything before they go to school because most kids pick things up very quickly once they start. Some kids are very interested in writing and ready in preschool and others aren't. Help them when they ask but don't push them.

    I think the social aspect plays a big part in school readiness and being able to sit and listen and follow instructions are improtant, but remember your child in kinder is only 4+ and will continue to mature throughout the year. 4th term is always a huge learnign curve, kids hat don't look ready in term 3 can be in term 4.

    Hope this helps