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    School Uniforms

    Hey Girls

    I got a price list from our Kindy the other day with the cost of the school uniforms on it. Ie polo shirts, long sleeved t-shirts, jackets, rugby tops etc. I was just wondering if your school has the above items and how much they slug you for them ???

    On the school uniform policy it states in bold letters that ONLY the school jacket can be worn, which I think really sucks considering the price of it and how quickly they grow. Thankgod I will have another child to follow Kameron and thankgod for the schools 2nd hand shop.

    Anyway was just wondering what you pay (public school)


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    layla Guest

    Kathryn, Our school uniform is compulsory and I think the prices are fairly average.

    Polo shirts - $17
    Shorts for boys- $15
    Skirts/skorts for girls- $23
    Rugby jumper- $24
    Zip up jacket - $28
    Girls dress- $43
    Long pants for boys -$24
    Unisex long sleeve t shirts $18
    Hats -$8

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    out and about

    Yes our prices are fairly similar too, and considering how quickly they destroy them!!! The twins seem to like to do everything together, and came home from school last week, and had done cutting in art ! THEIR DRESSES!!!! ruined, UGH!! I bought everything a size up and new for them when they started in prep, and Halfway through grade 1 am having to go out, and buy the lot again, as everything, is cut, torn ,paint stained, basically ruined. so nothing to resell or hand down here! I only buy the tracksuit pants from target as they wear navy, and I pick them up for about $6 when they are having the 20% sales.We have an actual "Beleza" shop here ( which is a popular uniform brand) so I buy most of my stuff there. It doesnt have the school logo on it, but is the uniform nontheless. They have a club where you get %5 and they also have 10- 20% off sale, so again I try and wait til then.

    Make sure you name everything really well. especially the jackets, they walk a heck of a [email protected][email protected]@@

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    layla Guest

    Yep, nothing worse than new jacket that has mysteriously dissapeared!
    IKWYM about stuff getting ruined easily too. Our school insists on using paint that DOESN'T WASH OUT!!!! And the T-shirts are white!!! :evil:
    Even bleaching them doesn't work! How dumb is that?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2003

    OK Emma and Jack don't go to a public school and their uniform is compulsary. They have to wear everything that is only provided through the school uniform shop. The prices are as follows:

    School Jumper $25.00

    Sports shirt
    6 to 16 $18.00
    18 to 20 $21.00

    Sports jumper $17.50

    Track Pants
    6 to 16 $17.00
    18 $20.00

    Sport Shorts $15.00

    School Bag $33.00
    School Hat $8.00

    Grey Shirt short sleeve $17.00

    Grey Trousers
    5 to 16 $30.00

    Grey Shorts
    6 to 16 $16.00
    18 $20.00

    School Tie $14.50
    School socks $6.00

    Summer dress
    4 to 8 $47.00
    10 to 16 $54.00
    Adult 6 $56.50
    Adult 10 $59.50

    Winter skirt $39.00
    Winter blouse short sleeve $15.00
    Navy Trousers
    4 to 16 $34.00
    Adult $35.00

    Sports skirt $24.00
    Sports brief $7.00
    School socks (white with school colour stripes) $4.00

    Next year both boys and girls will have the same shirts (blue).


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    ok take 2 of going back to work.....

    Nov 2004
    Giving the gift of life to a friend..

    I bought foR maddy last year (prep) the smalles size Polo t-shirt (She refused to wear the dress) I think they were about $14 ea, so i got 3, they are Yellow with Logo & are full of stains now & still hang to her knees, so she will wear them this year & probably most of next if not all...
    I bought her 2 pairs of the shorts (as they have zips on the pockets) I think they were $10 each & I got 2 more pairs navy blue from Target (no zips) for about $7, Also I bought 3 Navy jumpers (from K-mart) when on special, just after school started & I got all 3 for $12!
    I also grabbed 4 pairs of navy blue track pants for $12.

    She was given from a friend one of the school jackets with Logo etc in the smallest size (4) It swims on her so will probably last her entire school life!
    She has not outgrown anything yet or put holes in anything, the T-shirts are stained, but I am not buying more!!!!

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    Registered User

    Jul 2005
    Rural NSW

    Good grief! That's terrible that teachers would let the students totally wreck those school uniforms like that!!! You must be beside yourself with fury! I've worked in an Early Learning Centre where we were highly conscious of potential damage that could be done to clothing and did our best to help the kids avoid it. Smocks were compulsory for a start. We would use products like Crayola that wouldn't stain too. Our daughter also goes to a private school where they also have to wear smocks. I know how tricky it can be to supervise children during art but all teachers should be aware of the cost to parents and (whether private or public) teach children to respect clothing. I hope you provided the teacher in charge that day with some "feed-back" regarding those destroyed uniforms so that awareness is raised.

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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    SE Melbourne


    The prices above are about the same as what we pay as well!

    There are ways around it though. I bought a school logo t-shirt a couple of sizes too big and make sure that the girls wear that when going on excursions, that way the school dont complain. I bought the jacket a size too big as well and it did Shannen for a couple of years before I had to buy a new one.

    It depends on the colours but usually you can get the popular coloured stuff from Target or Big W, for a fraction of the price.

    One thing you really should do is make sure that you name the pricey stuff, like bomber jackets, name tape wont do as you will find that some people just dont have scruples and will take anything that isnt nailed down, I use a laundry marker and write our surname on the inside of the neckband, and on the tag, so hopefully that will stop you from losing stuff, we have had a few things lost but have always found them again.

    Pricey isnt it! Shannen is starting high school next year and its unbelievable, start saving now!!!

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    Jan 2004

    DD is starting grade 1 next year, so we will be buying a uniform and I'm quite scared to say the least! I haven't gone to get prices yet, but when I was in the shop that sells the schools uniform (one of only 2 in town) I happened to glance at the polo shirts...$29!!!
    I want to buy her uniform now, but wonder how much she will grow between now and when school start next year. We got her some new winter clothes this year, and by the time winter rocked around, DD had grown that much that we needed to get her more clothes.
    Might have to go and check out uniform prices tomorrow :-k


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    Registered User

    Jan 2004

    Went and got a price for the polo shirts - $29.95!!

    Skirts and shorts are just plain dark blue, so I can get them from somewhere else.

    That only leaves a hat - which i think the school give to all the preschoolers at the end of the year.

    So, it may not be that bad at all.


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    Stormi Guest

    I don't know if things have changed, but I didn't think that at a public school a uniform was "compulsory". Yes, they can encourage children to take pride in their uniform and wear the school stuff, but they can't do anything if they are not in full uniform. I mean, they can say something if their school jacket is navy blue, for example, and a child is wearing a bright red jacket instead, but they can't suspend or put a child on detention for wearing a "generic" blue jacket of the same style.

    I know what you mean about the paint that doesn't wash out, we've had two polo shirts ruined so far this year with paint that won't come out. Luckily for me though, my son is in year 2 and he's still got the same uniform as he had in kindy! He just gets taller, not bigger, and he was quite small when he started kindy and the smallest polo shirts were a size 6 when he really needed a 4 (he wasn't 5 yet when he started school) so he had to make do with a shirt that was way too big for him (had to roll up the sleeves even). When I replace these polo shirts I'll probably just go to Big W and get the same colour ones without the school emblem for $6 instead of $18.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Sep 2005
    whoop whoop or not, not sure yet!!!

    My godaughter's mum does the buys one polo with logo on it for sports day, excursions etc and then buys the rest from best and less etc. and I believe she bought one dress uniform for the same type of events and photos etc and the rest of the time it's polo and sports skirt from best and less - she wouldn't come at $40!!!!!! for more than one polo with a logo

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Jan 2005
    in the valley of cuddles with mountains of smiles

    At our public primary school the unifrom shop money went back into school. So I didn't mind some things at least profit to school.

    The school logo shirt polos were about $18 - grey short (Stubbie style) I got from BIG W when possible.

    Girls uniforms were dearer (I had no girlsat school) lots of mum made their own from a pattern - 1/2 price.

    The winter bomber jacket was $49 but not compulsory - sloppy joes' or jacket with logo were around $20 -

    After yr 3 I stopped buying sloppyjoe as DS was 'hot' kid and just wore jacket to school (if I was lucky). I just bought green suit pants (winter) from BIG W or Target etc. Always check lost property if stuff goes walking or lost - for a replacement or maybe it is yours.

    I think the difficulty is that chidren quickly become aware they are the odd child out and embarassed by not having the right school shirt/polo. Maybe not kindy/1 & 2 but by yr 3 - peers do notice and so do the odd child out. If anything the bottoms are less noticable than shirts.

    :shock: is when they go to Highschool - local Catholic everything compulsory or detention - even sock colours /black leather lace up shoes/ school sports socks / shorts /school bag and so on - so far almost $500 not including leather shoes and joggers.

    That is only 2 shirts with logo /belt /1 trousers/1 shorts/1 sports shirt/ sport short /sports cap - still to buy winter sports tracksuit and compulsory Blazer another $100 ++ plus. DH wants more trousers as thinks will be busy to wash everyday once babies come.

    DS is growing almost teen - and it will be a long time before these next 2 get there. Uniform shop lady tried to talk me down a shirt size - but no way - shirts little big but lots of room for growth. The uniform does look very smart - so it is okay.

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    Cammie Guest

    I get my kids uniforms from Best and Less. Blue polar shirts, grey shorts for the boys and blue skirt or pants for miss. They each have a plain blue jacket for school.

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    Life Member. Every Australian needs a Farmer.

    Dec 2005
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    Lindsay is at a public school and although they can't enforce the wearing of uniforms, I like him to be in full uniform to encourage respect etc and it looks tidier too.

    Lindsay's Uniform;
    Yellow polo shirts with logo = $19.00 ea
    Grey shorts = $16.95 ea
    Hat with logo = $14.00
    Navy polar fleece jumper with logo = $24.50
    Navy sports shorts = $17.00

    Grey long pants = $24.95
    Winter sports tracksuit = $55.00
    Beanie with logo = $14.00
    plus they wear grey socks

    All the stuff with the logos is brought from the uniform shop and the pants/shorts etc are brought from bigW

    And I only have one boy too. It will be easier with the girls.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2004
    Outer East, Melbourne

    I was looking at Caits uniform list for next year - it's just as tricky for girls ! For summer they have a dress or a skort and polo and in winter there is a tunic or pants and polo.

    And with the polos, skorts etc - they have either red or blue. I heard from one of the prep mums this year, that on days they do sport, she sends her daughter in the skort/polo/sneakers and on other days the dress and school shoes.

    I plan to get two dresses and one most other things through the school and the rest somewhere else.

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    BellyBelly Member

    Apr 2004
    Outer East, Melbourne

    Well - I bought the school frock today ! And a school bag. They have bought in a check print just for their school and are phasing out the red and white gingham dresses.

    Cait is tall and maybe a bit thicker around the torso than her peers - took one look at a size six and knew it would be too small, tried on an 8 and it was a bit restrictive around the chest so I bought a size 10 !! My gawd, she's not even five years old.

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    Dec 2005
    In Bankworld with Barbara

    That's the worst thing with the cotton school uniform fabric, there is never any give in it.