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    Hi I was just thinking about making a birthing quilt for one of my good friends.
    She is due late November and I would like to start on it straight away.

    So do you think a birthing quilt is a nice idea?
    I was also thinking of getting all her close friends to donate a piece of fabric for the quilt so that it has a part of everyone in it.

    Kind of like a birthing bracelet or necklace people make at a baby shower.

    How big do you think it should be also?
    Not so big it takes up the whole birthing room. Maybe a king single size.

    Any Ideas?

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    What a beautiful idea. Perhaps you could make it cot sized for her baby? Or a larger square for when her bub is having tummy time.

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    Is birthing quilt for the baby or for the mother for when she's in labour? From the post I got the idea it was for the mother. I could be really off though...

    Either way, you want it big enough to wrap around or sit on (for whoever it's for), but not so big it's hard to wash once it gets "stuff" on it. A practicality in the birth room those who make bracelets don't have to worry about.

    A nice idea, if you think you could get your friends organised in time, instead of just donating fabric is get them to each draw a picture or words on a calico square (say 10in x 10in) and then backstitch in thread (blue or red work) and then use different shades of the same colour fabric to do the boarders. It might give her words or pictures of encouragement to focus on and makes it really personal.

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