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    Janome dc4030

    is this one ok for a beginner?

    what do i want it for?

    • mainly straight and zigzag sewing
    • topstitching on far right e.g for babies bibs with several layers of fabric
    • very basic applique - satin stitch
    • high presser foot to take bulky fabrics like denim
    • clothing repairs
    • making children's clothes, e.g elasticated trousers, pinnies

    i spent two hours with sales person today, i was surprised how even with the manual in front of me, it's not "sewing for dummies 101". it's like recipe books, there is alot of "assumed knowledge".

    buttons have pictures on them, not words. so i want to look up the manual to work out what the symbols mean. not as straight forward as i expected a Janome to be.

    the manual isn't cross referenced.
    so on the page that has a drawing of the whole machine
    an arrow pointing to every single thing
    i spot one thing, that has an arrow marked "2"
    so i ask, where do i get to read about the button labelled "2"
    there is nothing in the book about it
    there is no index
    there is nowhere that says "button 2. this is X. you use it on the machine to do Y".
    like a key on a map?

    i ask about satin stitch
    if you want to do FANCY statin stitch, there is info
    if you want to do PLAIN satin stitch (on the zigzag), there is nothing in the book to educate you. (assumed knowledge - that no-one needs talking thru satin stitch, or what settings to put the zigzag on, to get it).

    online it's advertised for 699
    the guy said 599 with a year's worth of lessons (by request, at their shop) and that price is only for three machines. once they are gone, the price goes up.

    is this just a line? or does it sound reasonable?

    i have been wanting a sewing machine for such a long time.

    the three sewing machine shops i have visited in the last two years, in every single one, the staff were rude, abrasive, aggressive and very loud. I don't understand, when i flag myself as a novice sewer, why they have to be so dismissive of my level of sewing. Is it like this everywhere tht sells sewing machines? these people seem to be good technically (at sewing adn fixing machines) but their people skills are terrible. i can't believe it's happened to me THREE times!

    i tried at spotlight too, but they didn't know what their two brands even did, spent so long searching for manuals, then reading them in front of me, and mumbling alot of "i'm not sure". so gave up there.

    i would have bought a sewing machine a long time ago, if i could find a friendly, knowledgeable, polite salesperson in a sewing machine shop. someone that didn't put me down for being a beginner and not being totally proficient in sewing machine jargon of latest models.

    yep, i'm just a bit fed up. i really want a machine to use before my dd gets any older. i wanted to make her baby things but that window has closed, so got to get cracking.

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    Today I purchased my Janome DC4030 from an online shop in Seven Hills, Sydney, called Sew Write. I got the Janome for $499 and with the postage, it came to be $160 cheaper than buying it where I live.

    I found the Janome woman where I live to be very rude once I commented that I may buy my machine online. She was absolutely HORRIBLE so I decided I wouldn't ever give her my business.

    I should get my machine next week and I'm very excited. I did lots of research and it really looked to be the best machine at that great price.

    I will be taking lessons!

    Good luck, I hope you learn sewing and enjoy it! I hope I do too! :P