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    Placemats for my mum

    When I visited my parents last weekend I noticed the placemats are getting a bit threadbare...I made them for mum when I was in high school so they are quite a few years old! Thought I might sew her some new ones for her b'day in September.

    I got some material today and have ordered some cotton wadding just to make them a bit thicker, but not sure how to use the material....

    I got two fabrics that I really like, one is an aqua/tan stripe pattern and the other is pink checks (I'll put some pics on FB, they look nicer than I've described!). But I only got 1m of the pink and 2m of the green, thinking I would just use the green and do something else with the pink, only now I can't pick between them and want to use both!


    I thought about making them reversible, so one side green and the other side pink, but don't know if I would have enough of the pink material (I could go back and get more...but the store is in a town about 20ks away and I don't really want to drive there just to get another metre of fabric, and there is nothing else in the town! Lol).

    Then I thought maybe I could just get some plain fabric to match the pink & green, so they would still be reversible but there would only be 3 of each colour, rather than having six with both colours. Do you think that would look ok or would it just be too mismatched?

    Or I just use the green and forget about the pink altogether...
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    You could have the green as your main colour & then have a strip a couple of inches wide down the left or the right side, and where you have attached it sew on some ric rac or ribbon. Or you could make bias binding out of the pink & used it right the way round the placemat. Make yo-yos with the pink & attach a couple to one corner

    ETA Use the green for placemats with pink bias binding, then make matching coasters but in pink with green bias binding
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    ooh that sounds cool (using a strip on the edge, then the coasters)..thankyou!