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    So I thought Id get started on trying to make a memory quilt involving some of the boys sentimental baby clothes, my wedding dress wrap etc.

    Ive got everything I need to get started except I dont know whether to machine quilt or hand quilt! If I hand quilt, what stitch do I use? I was planning on making blocks out of the clothing then peicing them together with some other fabric blocks and things, I dont want it to be perfect because its meant to be for memory purposes not show purposes.

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    I do a combination of hand and machine quilting when making the foundation pieces. I hand quilt any applique but machine quilt when sewing the pieces together. But once the three layers have gone together I prefer to only hand quilt because it's seen (I guess that's my rule - if it's going to be visible I hand quilt). When you hand quilt EVERY stitch has required thought and specific action, even those stitches that are crooked or a different length to the others. To me it's a quilt's imperfections that make it special and one of a kind. It's really up to you and what you'll finish...

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    I machine stitch pieces together, but like Yeddi I will hand quilt it the pieces for myself or family. (I machine quilt the ones I sell)

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