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Thread: Sewing new hooks on a bra

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    Default Sewing new hooks on a bra

    Hi ladies
    I am not usually a sewer but am looking at whether it is possible for me to salvage an expensive maternity bra which I stupidly put in the dryer which resulted in all 3 of the hooks either dislodging completely or disfiguring to the point where I can't use them.
    Would you have a go at fixing it? If so any tips?

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    Hi there,

    I would definitely try and salvage it. So depending on whether you just need to try and replace the individual hooks or replace that whole section - you can buy bra extenders or the individual hooks from places like lincraft/spotlight - or you even try Myer, just go to the bra section and they sell them at the counter - you just take in your measurements (or take the bra with you) and they will cut to suit. So the moral of the story is that you can save it

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