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    Has anyone ever bought anything at Amazon before?
    I'm looking for an out of print book. I've had no luck on ebay but there are a few copies on Amazon so I was thinking of buying there. I think the postage will cost more than the book.
    Is there anywhere Australian based that I might be able to find an out of prinr book?

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    Hey Dachlostar

    I've bought stuff from Amazon...and have found that the postage has cost more than the book too! But sometimes, it's the only choice!

    An Australian site I also use is booktopia. It seems to have a huge range...and postage costs are great (especially if you buy a few books at a time). They are also a little cheaper than bookstores.

    Good luck!

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    I've used Amazon once. I found them good, postage was quicker than what i thought it would be.

    You could try the QBD bookshop. Not sure if they have stuff that is out of print though.

    There is also seekbooks. They are an australian site.


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