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    Angel Puss by Collen McCullough - Book Club Chatter

    To Discuss a chapter you are currently reading please use large font in bold writing so those that are not up to that chapter can skim past your post. If you are replying to someone else about a certain chapter please do the same

    At the end of the reading period (roughly 3 weeks) Please use THIS THREAD to post your review on the book as a whole and to give it a rating out of 5

    ie CHAPTER 1


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    Okay I have read this book from cover to cover already So will wait for other people to comment first LOL, don't want to give anything away.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Not sure if I'll get to read this book as it is not available in the library atm. 2 copies are reserved and 2 are out until the 2nd wk in Sept, I am going to keep my eyes open for it, will go back to the library next week.

    Cheers Michelle

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    How are we going with the book girls ??


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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Aug 2003
    Karingal, Vic

    I've almost finished it. Was reading on the coach ride from Canberra to Thredbo and back and was really getting into it but have had a sick house ever since we got back #-o

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    I'm going good, am liking it very much so far Now if only Jonah would stay asleep so I can keep reading, it seems every time I pick it up he knows and wakes up #-o

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    this is cheeky but WHOLE BOOK

    Do not read if you have not finished!!

    I'm finished! Will make comments in the book review. But I have a few questions for those that have finished.

    At the end of the book, when that lady came to see Harriet (or the new Mrs), Harriet asked Flo, 'I wonder if the first edition is going to pass over properly? What's your opinion angel puss?' and then Flo draws a ****atoo and a budgie on the wall. What does that mean?

    And when Harriet says she is going to get custody of Willie? Who's Willie?

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    Willie is the white ****atoo that lived with Harrietts parents.

    remember the budgie in Harolds room ??

    harriett went to her parents and she heard the ****atoo (willie) say something to her using "princess" which is why Mrs Delvecchio Schwartz used to call her

    When Harriett asked flo about if they ever truly pass over, flo drew the budgie and the ****atoo. Meaning that they have come back as the budgie and the ****atoo.

    Which is why she said she would have to get custody of Willie

    Does that make a bit more sense.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    Yes it does Kathryn - thanks so much! I had completely forgotten about the budgie in harolds room and Willie calling her princess.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    WHOLE BOOK for me too

    So I have finished, finally, and I thought it was a great book. I was wanting and waiting through the whole book for Harriet to get together with Toby and I'm glad that they had a "relationship" at the end, although I thought that she should have left Duncan be. I thought it so nice when Toby told her that he loved her from the moment she walloped David on the veranda, I wanted her to be with him from then on.

    I was so happy when she got Flo back too, it was heartbreaking when she was being taken away and they kept giving her stuff to make it easier for them, so sad.

    I never guessed that the will was under the crystal ball, I was hoping that they would find something or someone to help Harriet get Flo back.

    Harold really creeped me out, I could just picture him lurking there in the dark whispering "whore", gave me a shiver whenever I read about him. I thought, I don't know if anyone else did either, that he would change and be nice to Harriet after she helped him when he couldn't pee, which I thought was terribly funny by the way, but he was still evil and horrid to her, even after he was dead.

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    katanya Guest

    WHOLE book for me too

    It is one of those completely involving books..I feel sad that I am not longer in that world! how facinating on so many levevls..the history, the characters, Flo, Harriets 1 & 2..so completely original, makes me want to go out and get more Colleen McCollough!

    I think the part that I love the most that there was no predictablity to anyof it..Harriet didn't end up as a suburban doctors wife with Duncan, nor settling down with Toby..but maintained her own life and her love for Flo was the most powerful thing about her..it was such a powerful book in those ways..

    Love the twist and linking Harriet back to her family, and the will under the crystal ball..of course it made the suspense of whether Flo would return to The House or not more worthwhile..

    Really the mystic aspects and the predictions, it had the supernatural mixed with the very real (life as a woman in Sydney in the 60s) not being able to be a single parent, no easy access to the pill, inequal pay, the child welfare system being completely anti children etc..a real eye opener, it was fairytale like and also very real..

    great book!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    I know what you mean Katanya, I miss being in it too

    I'm glad that she didn't want to settle down with Duncan, I'm sure most in those days would have jumped at the chance to be with a doctor. I did really want her to be with Toby though, the way he kissed her and all, made me go all goosey, lol. He was very passionate towards her, but I do understand why she didn't want to be with him though.

    I thought it was amazing how she loved Flo from the moment she saw her too, but I guess by the end of the book we knew why.

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    katanya Guest

    I know what you mean about her and toby.... but I though the whole thing was leading that they would have ended up settling together with Flo being a happy family etc..I was pleased that it wasn't that predictable, and that there was twist to her outcome..I felt that Toby was in love with her all the long too..

    I feel like re reading it straight away but I know it would lose some of it's magic second time around.. have this lingering feleing that they exist somewhere down in Sydney..

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    Oh I know what you mean, it is good that it wasn't that predictable, even though that's what I wanted. They did have a "relationship" though which was good. I thought she should have done away with Duncan though, but I think maybe she kept him just so she could spite his wife.

    I thought about re-reading too, but I couldn't bring myself to do it, I'd hate to lose the feeling I got from it.

    have this lingering feleing that they exist somewhere down in Sydney..
    I know what you mean, you can just picture it can't you?

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    Everytime I read your posts girls I get goosebumps LMAO. I had it finished quite a while ago but it still feels like I only read it yesterday.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    I'm like you Kathryn, getting goosebumps reading you guys talking about it.

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest

    =D> for whoever picked this book, am so glad that I read it.

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    katanya Guest

    I just did a search for some of Colleen's other books they don't seem to have the same appeal..any one recomend any??