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    To Discuss a chapter you are currently reading please use large font in bold writing so those that are not up to that chapter can skim past your post. If you are replying to someone else about a certain chapter please do the same

    At the end of the reading period (roughly 3 weeks) Please use [url=] THIS THREAD [/url] to post your review on the book as a whole and to give it a rating out of 5

    ie CHAPTER 1

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    I have read it all !!!!!! 8-[ Had done a couple of days before xmas. Didn't help not being very thick so had it done in a couple of hours LMAO. Wasn't too bad of a book, did find her over analysing stuff annoying though.


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    Anyone else been reading this ??


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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I'm still waiting for mine to arrive ](*,) I hope it comes tomorrow [-o<

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    Oohh - I didn't realise this was the book for the month. I think I've got this book tucked away somewhere in a box under the house. From memory, it was very funny!

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    I'm at the library at the mo and will search for it.

    Got so much time on my hands now on uni break its not funny!

    Hope you get your O day this month Cherie!

    Am reading Danielle Steele "Echoes" at the mo.. pretty good!

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    Tigergirl1980 Guest


    I ordered mine from Angus and Robertson but the publisher is out of it and I wouldn't get it until March, so I will have to be in for the next one!

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