thread: Down Came the Rain (Brooke Sheilds)

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    Down Came the Rain (Brooke Sheilds)

    I'm reading this now, for anyone with PND or even pregnant, its a great read. I can relate to so much of it, and she articulates her experience in such a human way, unexepected from a celebrity. Its comforting to share in someone else's experience of PND and provides a sense of not being alone in this. I definately recommend it.

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    I would 2nd that its a great book, one for all parents to read... If you can get your DH/DP to read though it as well that way they might get a small insight as to what your feeling if you have PND, for that matter anyone in the family ....

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    Matryoshka Guest

    I just finished this, i really liked enjoyed it.

    But i wonder if i'm alone in thinking it was strange that she went for and accepted the job as spokeswoman for a formula company, when throughout the book she continuously describes how important breastfeeding was to her? Despite the first couple of weeks being difficult, she masters it after that, so i find it hard to understand how she could justify giving formula as a "supplement". Throughout the book she recounts breastfeeding every 90 mins, and how exhausting it is, and she even pumps and leaves ebm whilst working - so i really wonder what her motives were for taking the job because her heart didn't seem in giving formula.