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Thread: Salvation Creek by Susan Duncan ~ Book Review

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    Default Salvation Creek by Susan Duncan ~ Book Review

    This month the Platinum Book Club is reviewing Salvation Creek by Susan Duncan

    As I bumped across the water in leaky tin dinghy I didn't know that the journey had begun. That the pale yellow house with a corridor of columns and long verandah on the high, rough hill would hold the key to it all... At 44 Susan Duncan appeared to have it all. Editor of two of Australia's top selling women's magazines, a happy marriage, a jetsetting lifestyle covering stories from New York to Greenland, rubbing shoulders with Hollywood royalty, the world was her oyster. But when her beloved husband and brother die within three days of each other, her glittering life shatters. In shock, she zips on her work face and soldiers on - until one morning eighteen months later when she simply can't get out of bed. Heartbreaking, funny and searingly honest, SALVATION CREEK is the story of a woman who found the courage not only to walk away from a successful career and begin again, but to beat the odds in her own battle for survival and find a new life - and love - in a tiny waterside idyll cut off from the outside world. From the terrifying first step of quitting the job that had always anchored her to abandoning herself to a passionate affair and she knows will break her heart, Duncan never flinches from the truth or loses her wicked sense of humour. Even when she finds a paradise on earth only to discover that it may to be too late. It's been said that the greatest risk in life is not to take a risk. Sometimes you have to risk everything to find the only thing you need.
    How The Members Rated It - score out of 5

    Astrolady - DNF
    Nellbe - 4
    Sal -
    *Emma* -
    *TamaraSP* -
    Davesbubby -
    Sherieb - 4.5

    If you wish to read the book, but are not a part of the Book Club please be warned that the following posts may contain spoilers for certain books.


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    OK, I have finished reading it and I found it a very easy read. Quite unlike any Bio I have ever read because it reads mor like a novel. This is great because you can follow Susan's story better without getting bogged down in fact. It really goes to show just how easy it is to make a complete seachange of your life and survive. Great read, would reccomend to anyone.

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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    I rate this a 4.

    Quite a well written and easy to read book. I didn't realise at first it was a bio, but thought it was a novel by Susan Duncan! The trials and tribulations she has been through - gosh. It is wonderful to know that people out there do sind their niche in life and feel totally and blissfully happy.

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    My copy has only just come in at the library grrrr !! Shall pick it up tomorrow hopefully


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    I have the book but haven't got a chance to read it...

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    I took my book back to library today unfinished.


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