thread: Tuesdays with Morrie - Book Club Review. August '05

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    Tuesdays with Morrie - Book Club Review. August '05

    This month the Platinum Book Club is reviewing Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

    When Mitch Albom graduated from college, he promised his favorite professor that he'd always stay in touch. Sixteen years later, he's finally moved to honor that promise when he learns that Professor Morrie Schwartz is battling Lou Gehrig's Disease. In the weekly meetings that follow, Morrie teaches his star pupil his most important lesson of all. Insightful and delightfully funny, Mitch Albom's Tuesdays with Morrie is a Master's class in the meaning of a life well-lived.
    How The Members Rated It - score out of 5

    Astrolady - 4
    Nellbe - 3
    Iris -
    *Shannon* - 4
    Katanya - 5
    Megan -
    Sarah_H - 4
    Jillian -
    Christy -
    Sal -
    Debbie Lee - 4
    RayRay -

    If you wish to read the book, but are not a part of the Book Club please be warned that the following posts may contain spoilers for certain books.


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    I gave this book a rating of 4. Even though it was a very easy read and if it was put down it wasn't yelling at me to pick it up and continue reading, but it was a book that did pull on the heart strings a bit and made you think about life.


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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2004

    I give this a rating of 3

    I agree with you Kathryn, while it was very easy to read, it wasn't screaming at me to be picked up and read.

    It was a very enjoyable book and I have his other one here that I haven't read yet. After reading this one, I definitely will read it very soon.

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    I'll give this one a 4 as well.

    Like Shannon, where Mitch didnt put his comments in inverted commas bothered me as well. I think we must have been overtrained at school

    I was the same in that it wasn't screaming at me to pick it up either, but I must admit I did have a cry at the end of the book even though I knew what was going to happen!

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    katanya Guest

    I just finished this and I'm tempeted to make it a 5..

    The book reminds me of the time left I had with my own father when he was dying of cancer in 1999 ..his brain became more active than ever and his thoughts were so clear and vast..

    I didn't have the problem with the inverted commas that others did as Mitch writes it like a journalist, and constantly puts himself in a lower order..

    I really was warmed by this book, all the lessons in it are something we probably all know inherantly but tend to get caught up in the daily grind that we lose sight of them

    I really really enjoyed this book, it made me think and feel, and was easy to read, no pseudo intellectualisms just plain thoughts on relationships and emotions and the perspectives of life and death..

    Yep I make it a 5!

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    BellyBelly Life Member

    Aug 2003
    Karingal, Vic

    In case anyone is interested the movie of this book is on the Hallmark Channel Monday morning at 10.15am. Stars Hank Azaria and Jack Lemmon.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I know this is very late (and I finished the book about a month ago) but I give it a score of 4. I thought it was a pretty good read.