thread: 4 Ingredient recipes

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    Aug 2007
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    4 Ingredient recipes

    Howdy, does anyone use these books? I have both of them and just tried a beaut recipe from the 2nd book. It uses puff pastry, strawberry jam, whipped cream and icing sugar.

    Thaw out pastry sheet and roll out the pastry with rolling pin, ***** everywhere with a fork pop back into fridge for 15 mins. Then bake on both sides 8 mins each.

    Then cut into 4 slices longways, spread one with jam, the other with cream. put together like a sandwich and add icing sugar on top.

    So yummy, I ate most of it...

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    Sep 2008
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    I havnt seen or heard ofthese books, I must get me one! That recipe sounds so so easy and equally as naughty....

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    Aug 2007
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    Yeah in every good book shop. each book is about 20 bucks. The recipe is called matchsticks i think, in the red book (2nd one)... Have also made a pineapple cake using just 4 ingredients with condensed milk for icing. Yum.

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    Oct 2006
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    does it have savoury recipes in the book too?

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    Aug 2007
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    yes sweet, savoury, kids, even pets and tips.

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    Nov 2006
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    The Boy's Mum has one of these books, and the Boy cooks from it sometimes (at his Mum's house), and they both like them very much. I haven't got them, but have been meaning to look at them, maybe in the library first..

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    Oct 2008
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    Yep i have one that was given to me, dont use it cause i think its abit misleading cause its just 4 ingredients for the MAIN meal...then u gotta add your sides or salad or whatever....yes i am slack and wanted a whole meal with 4 ingredients lol
    its called 4 ingredients by kim mccosker and rachel bermingham

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    Dec 2006

    there is also a womens weekly version which has yummy stuff too

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    Jun 2005

    Very, very worthwhile investment. Grabbed mine for about $15.

    If you have foxtel, the lifestyle channel have the two ladies whom wrote the recipies hosting their own show, and making dishes outta the books. Im more inspired when i watch the show than read the books.

    Ive got V1.....i know there is a V2 (red cover) but im no where near getting thru V1 yet LOL.....