Okay, I've had this brilliant idea, that I can make a totally untraditional version of bruschetta topping to give to those 'token gift' people, you know, best friends, cousins, aunts & uncles, people who for some reason have gotten you a present...

Do any of you make anything similar? I'll give you my recipe that I totally made up the other day, which was quite nice, but I think it's missing 'something'.
Which could be basil, apparently that's a more traditional ingredient...or feta, that could be nice.
I just used what I had in the fridge/pantry.

What I'd LOVE, if you can be bothered, would be if you would consider making some, use whatever ingredients you'd like - go by my recipe or add new ones and tell me what you think! What would perfect this recipe, or what ingredient do you think is 'missing'?

Nelle's Totally-Not-Traditional Vegetable Bruschetta

tin tomato
green capsicum
teaspoon (or so..) crushed garlic
red onion
maybe some pepper?
black olives
heaps of olive oil

food process all the ingredients that need chopping, add the rest (tomato, oil).

lightly toast some bread (ideally thicker bread, but we've used normal bread so far), pile on the bruschetta, and grill til warm/hot.

The other thing is, how long do you reckon it'd keep for? When I've had it at cafes, there's been quite a lot of olive oil, so I figure if I make it with lots of olive oil, it'll keep for awhile? I have no idea!

Thanks so much!