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Thread: Cheats Eggs Benendict with Blender Hollandaise

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    Default Cheats Eggs Benendict with Blender Hollandaise

    Ok we had this today, and I've been told I *must* make it again

    This would serve 3 so just double it to what you need (we just need 2 each for the adults and 1 each for the kids).

    6 Eggs (don't use large eggs or the whites won't fit, so I'd go 55 or 60 gm eggs)
    6 Slices of Bread (buttered on one side)
    6 pieces of ham

    Place the bread buttered side down into a 1 cup Muffin tin (one slice per muffin hole) then a slice of ham (make sure it doesn't fill the hole or the egg won't fit). Then what I tend to do is put the yolk in and then pour the whites around so I can gage it and not have it filled too much. Cook in a 190C preheated oven for 15 minutes or until whites are just cooked.

    Blender Hollandaise

    3 Egg yolks - Freeze whites in a ziplock bag for meringue, make sure you write on the bag how many whites.
    2TBSP lemon juice
    1 TBSP water
    Salt & Pepper
    125gms melted butter

    Blend all the ingredients (except for the butter) and slowly pour the butter (in a stream) and blend on high until thickened.

    I swear this is an AWESOME hollandaise, you will never buy it again

    We had this with a few pan fried hashbrowns

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    mmmnnn sounds Yummy. Hubby is addicted to eggs benedict but tends to get a bit impatient in the kitchen so it'll be perfect for him (I am so not going to make it on a sunday morning when I could be sleeping )

    Thanks for sharing!

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