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Thread: Chicken Drumstick Recipe...Help!

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    Question Chicken Drumstick Recipe...Help!

    Help, I have Chicken Drumsticks defrosted & was going to make apricot chicken. Turns out I don't have any french onion soup mix. I have already been to the shops today & I have to walk it's 42 outside so I don't want to go again!!

    Does anyone have a quick easy recipe, I want something I can just pop in the oven & was hoping to do it now whilst Charlie is asleep. As it will be part of his dinner too. I have Cream of Chicken soup mix?? Anything I can do with that??

    Please help?

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    Do you have any parmesan cheese? If so you could try parmesan cheese crumbed chicken...
    Mix the grated cheese and breadcrumbs in one bowl. In another bowl, whisk a couple of eggs, in another bowl put in some plain flour.

    Dip the chicken drumstick in the flour, then the egg, then in the cheese/breadcrumbs coating it really well and bake in the oven until they are cooked through.

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    you could also make crispy strips.

    Similar 2 Laranna's recipe but instead of breadcrumbs and parmy cheese u use cornflakes. crush the cornflakes to bout 2-5 mm and put the pre floured and egged chook in that. another oven recipe. for extra crunch, spray with oil.

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    i would chuck the soup over it and bake it! or pasta sauce goes nicely...
    soy and honey?

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