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Thread: Chilli and shallots?

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    Angry Chilli and shallots?

    I bought red chillis at the market because they looked great, but I can't find a recipe to use them

    Most recipes I thought would use fresh red chillies use either dried chillies, chilli powder or green chillies! Arrrgghhh!

    I also got shallots and ginger thinking I would make my own curry from scratch, but unless I wing it and just take a chance, I'm really not sure how to go about it

    Help please! Give me your recipies for using fresh red chillies!

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    I would just use the chilli's in the recipes that call for dried; would just pack an extra punch.

    I make a yummy stir-fry sauce with chillis...I don't really use precise measurements though. It also makes a great marinade, minus the cornflour:

    1-2 limes
    A few drops of Sesame Oil
    Splash of soy sauce
    Blob of oyster sauce
    Lots of finely chopped fresh ginger
    Some sliced garlic
    Some honey or a few spoons of sugar
    Finely chopped corriander
    1-2 chillis, finely chopped
    Cornflour (if using in stirfry)

    Combine all the ingerdients in a jar. Add more of whatever you need to taste. Taste as you go. Let sit in room temp for 30 mins to infuse flavours. Either add to stir-fry with noodles, veg and meat or tofu and and cook (SUCH a quick, easy and YUMMY meal) or marinate your meat in it. Great fish marinade especially

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    We put chilli, shallots, lime & ginger on fresh fish, wrap them in baking paper & foil and bake them in the oven. Drool!

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