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Thread: Chilli's.

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    Default Chilli's.

    Hello! I have been given two big jars of pickled chilli's (one jar is done in soy sauce), and I have no idea what I am to do with them...does anyone have any ideas on what I use these for? Not keen on the eating whole chilli's thing! lol. Please help...thanks!

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    Never heard of doing them in soy, weird. Use them as a flavoring in spicy curries? The non soy one can be used as a garnish or flavoring in pretty much any mexican/south american dish, or use in salsa or put a few in a soup... How I miss Latin American food...

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    The one in soy could be added to stir fries. The other add to mince for a chill con carne or blend it up and use it to add spice to any dish you want.

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